Brian Hoffman Trading – 24 Hour Video Course Details

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24 Hour Video Course Details – This course will teach you skills that are not even mentioned in virtually all other courses I have found being offered.

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Brian Hoffman Trading – 24 Hour Video Course Details

24 Hour Video Course Details


I have been using the same method for years.  There is nothing I would change about the material.

I have seen traders from all backgrounds make and lose millions and understand exactly what this game is.  My course will show you what you need to know to understand what price is doing and why.

The approach works for all instruments that can be charted including futures, forex, equities, options, and ETFs.

Supply, demand, and liquidity are the universal principals that drive price and that will not change.  It is the same exact game being played everyday but with varying rhythms.  This is why most traders do well for a period of time then give back profits at the end of a sequence.

This course will teach you skills that are not even mentioned in virtually all other courses I have found being offered.

These skills will allow you to be able to switch up your play when it is necessary to ADAPT to changing market conditions.  This will not be accomplished using purely objective approaches based off visual queues you see on the chart.

Video Series Details:

  • Lessons are organized into 12 videos for a total of 20 hours of material.
  • There are an additional 4 hours of review along with important discussion on trader psychology and baggage.
  • Also included is access to hundreds of hours of live trade video from my select group effort.  This will demonstrate the application of the concepts taught in the videos in real time with capital on the line.
  • There are over 1000 detailed HD charts and illustrations contained in the videos.  I frequently mark up the charts with illustrations as we progress.
  • The presentations contain “right edge” progressions as I am talking in order illustrate the concepts as they happen in real time.
  • I will provide a reasonable amount of phone and email support for traders who have questions about the material covered.

A successful trader must constantly be adapting to changing conditions which requires a core understanding of how the price action works.

The material in these videos will show you what to focus on in terms of evolving as a trader and will give you the structural knowledge to adapt to all market conditions.

Lesson Video Stats:

A detailed outline for all 12 lessons would be 100+ pages so I have listed a brief summary with some topics listed from each video.

Video 1:  Introduction, Terminology, and Pattern Review.  Introduction To Market Structure.

148 minutes 52 seconds

Video 2:  Structure Continued.  Supply and Demand, Liquidity, Price Discovery Grids, Stack-able Volatility Boxes, Market Cycle

99 minutes 35 seconds

Video 3:  Price Action 1.  Action/Re-Action Principals, Reverse Anchors, Continuations, Measuring Price Travel.  Identifying Wholesale Areas.

119 minutes 37 seconds

Video 4:  Price Action 2.  Identifying True Support and Resistance Using Liquidity.  Drawing Out Extension Areas.  Avoiding The Herd At Zones.

98 minutes 28 seconds

Video 5:  Rangebound Mechanics.  Price Action Within A Range.  Testing Situations.  Liquidity Pockets.  Market Depth.  Order Flow.  Extension Areas.  Retest Concepts.  Reverse Shallow Situations.  Contractions.

85 minutes 6 seconds

Video 6:  Directional Bias and Premise.  Creating a Morning Prep.  Making Accurate Projections.  Bias vs. Premise and Determining Direction.

97 minutes 2 seconds

Video 7:  Strategy 1.  Testing Mode.  Rotational Effect and Concepts.  Strength vs. Weakness Relative To Bars and Time Frame.

111 minutes 16 seconds

Video 8:  Strategy 2.  More on Testing Mode.  Inside Structure and Price Action.  Trade Management.  Traps.  Extending Mode.

110 minutes 59 seconds

Video 9:  Strategy 3.  Opposing Extensions.  Reversion.  Complex Inside Structure.  Differences Between Buying Action and Selling Action.

107 minutes 49 seconds

Video 10:  Strategy 4.  Traveling Mode.  Testing/Traveling Conversions.  Traveling Rotation.  Advanced Entry Tactics.  Congestion vs. Oscillation.  Expectancy.

110 minutes 47 seconds

Video 11:  Gameplay and Traps 1.  Strength vs. Weakness.  Acceleration.  Shoulder Pivots.  Micro Structure.  Hooks.

84 minutes 19 seconds

Video 12:  Gameplay and Traps 2.  Advanced Stop Management.  Low Liquidity Environments.  Capitulation.  Reading The DOM.

70 Minutes 52 Seconds

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