Teal Swan – Ancestral Healing

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Unlock the Power of Ancestral Healing: Rewrite Your Family’s Past, Reclaim Your Future. Heal Generational Wounds, Embrace Ancestral Wisdom, and Forge a Path to Personal Empowerment and Fulfillment

  • Course’s name: Teal Swan – Ancestral Healing
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Teal Swan – Ancestral Healing

Unlock the Power of Ancestral Healing: Rewrite Your Family’s Past, Reclaim Your Future. Heal Generational Wounds, Embrace Ancestral Wisdom, and Forge a Path to Personal Empowerment and Fulfillment

The Comprehensive Ancestral Healing™ Program consists of instructive videos and a workbook that explain the methods and concepts and gives you the actions to take each step of the way

Here is what you are going to learn:

Mission 1 – Do Parts Work with the Part of You that is in Resistance to Your Ancestry or to Ancestral Healing:

With Teal as your guide, you will first learn about resistance; what this challenge means and how resistance gets in the way of resolving trauma.

Discover how to stop defying your resistance or attempting to face this head on. Instead, see how to communicate with and learn the personal truths held by your resistance. Teal walks you through an exercise in parts work with strategic questions and the steps to take.

You will also experience a true case study with Tristen, a member of Teal’s team.

Mission 2 – Let the Research Begin:

Teal will show you all of the resources, places and ideas for learning more about your family line. You will see why getting as much knowledge as you can about your ancestors will be so valuable to you.

You will become a full blown ancestral detective by the end of this mission.

Mission 3 – Find External Examples:

Teal will help you connect the dots with two examples from your own ancestry. You will see how healing happens by using the examples, and how it will happen for you too.

Mission 4 – Pick a Direct Ancestral Trauma:

You learn to identify a ‘direct ancestral trauma’ and how you can use your free will to change the pattern of that trauma.

A complete demonstration of this exercise is included, so you can see exactly how to do this.

Mission 5 – Pick an Indirect Ancestral Trauma:

Now you will learn what and ‘indirect ancestral trauma’ is and how to identify yours. Then use Teal’s method to use your free will to decide what to consciously change with the pattern of that trauma. You will get clarity in how the healing will take place.

Mission 6 – Pick and Choose:

In this mission, you are going to learn about the people and/or culture(s) and/or places that you come from. Then you can decide what aspects you want to re-own, revive and embody and which ones you want to let go of and not perpetuate.

You will also look at the negative things you identified. Then see how to discover the hidden positives in those negatives in a process called exaltation.

Mission 7 – Ancestral Judgment Integration Work:

Teal reveals a process that helps you resolve the resistance inherent in the ancestral judgements you will have and how to practically create integration.

Mission 8 – Do an Ancestral Healing Journey in Meditation:

Discover how to interact with your ancestors in a non-physical way. Follow along to Teal’s voice through a guided journeywork meditation experience.

Mission 9 – Pick Another Ancestral Trauma and Consciously Bring About or Experience the Resolution to It:

Now that you have identified your ancestral traumas, you are going to pick a specific ancestral trauma and consciously create and experience the resolution. You are going to be the improvement for your ancestors and healing for you.

Mission 10 – Pick an Ancestral Karma to Resolve and Do Something Proactive to Resolve It:

See how karma in your family line can help you resolve, and move in a better direction.

Mission 11 – Pick an Ancestral Aptitude and Develop or Further Embody it:

In this mission, you will discover how ancestral healing is not just about changing negative choices and actions to healing the negative physical, emotional, behavioral, and mental experiences, traits and characteristics.

This journey is about embracing the positive as well. Aptitudes and talents are incredible gifts that are passed down to you. Learn how you can develop these aptitudes within you!

Mission 12 – Dissolve a Negative Ancestral Loyalty:

For this mission, you are going to make your hidden ties of loyalty to your family/ancestors conscious and visible. Teal will show you how to identify a pattern of negative ancestral loyalty; then, you are going to work to dissolve and replace that tie with a different and new way. See real examples as Tristen makes her way on her journey.

Mission 13 – Bring Forgiveness To and Let Go For your Family Line:

You will learn the flow of real forgiveness. See the path to a place of actual forgiveness and how this powerful act heals you.

Mission 14 – Reverse Your Rejection through Re-Ownership:

When you reject your family, you reject yourself; this creates an internal separation and suffering. This mission will help you to powerfully re-own aspects of your ancestral line and traits which you’ve rejected. Let’s see how Tristen has done this, and how you can too!

Mission 15 – Listen to The Music of Your People:

Music can affect you at a genetic level. Discover the music of your ancestors. Learn how to use the location, culture and time periods of your ancestry and their music. Discover how this contributes to your healing process. Witness Tristen going through this extraordinary experience.

Mission 16 – Eat the Food of Your People:

Your ancestors ate specific foods, which begs the old adage: “you are what you eat.” Teal describes how eating the food of your familial line may contribute to the healing process. Learn how diet connects you to your roots.

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