Danbee Shin – Fast Track

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Fast Track gives you the exact system you need to earn a full-time income from your web design business, without working unreasonable hours.

  • Course’s name: Danbee Shin – Fast Track
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  • Last Update: 2023

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Danbee Shin – Fast Track

Fast Track gives you the exact system you need to earn a full-time income from your web design business, without working unreasonable hours.

All the processes and tools you need to take the stress out of running a profitable web design business

Fast Track teaches you everything you need to…

  • Sign high-ticket clients (who are happy to pay you)
  • Comfortably set boundaries and manage client expectations
  • Position yourself as a trusted expert and advisor
  • Feel more organized with your work
  • Deliver a referral-worthy project experience
  • Build your confidence as a business owner (not just a designer)

What we cover

Fast Track’s content is delivered via 5 learning modules that take you through every step of the web design process: from sales calls to offboarding.

1. Make the Sale

The stress-free way to sell your website design services.

You’ll learn:

    • How to prep for sales calls so they go smoothly
    • What to say in your sales calls, and how to structure them
    • How to replace drawn-out proposals with something easier to manage
    • How to make your client feel supported throughout the sales process
    • How to set boundaries and expectations before the project starts
    • How to protect yourself and ensure you get paid for your work

2. Plan for Success

What to plan ahead of time to prevent mistakes and delays.

You’ll learn:

    • Which questions to ask in your brand questionnaire
    • How to create and share the project schedule
    • How to run a kickoff call that sets the tone for your project
    • How to share your initial thoughts with the client
    • How to ensure you and the client are on the same page from the beginning

3. Build the Website

Create a high-quality website, without being stuck to your computer every night and weekend.

You’ll learn:

    • Where to look for inspiration, and how to collect it
    • How to present your brand kit and handle any feedback
    • How to turn your client’s info into effective website copy
    • What tools to use to polish photos and find stock imagery
    • How to run an effective check-in call
    • Which final boxes to check so the site works properly

4. Deliver the Websites

Deliver a WOW-worthy final website (because the delivery is just as important as the design.)

You’ll learn:

    • How to showcase your work in the best possible way
    • How to prepare and run your final presentation call
    • How to handle revision requests
    • How and when to make sure you get paid
    • How to delight your client and prepare them for launch

5. Follow Through

Wrap up your project and keep your momentum going.

You’ll learn:

    • What to do after the project is completed
    • How to support clients post-project (without it consuming your time)
    • How to use your work as a way to get future clients
    • How to create a powerful case study
    • Ways to nurture your client relationships (and stay top-of-mind for future work)

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