Matt Artisan – Infield Mastery Program

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Infield Mastery – Infield Breakdowns & Un-edited Footage from Matt and Top Instructors and Students

  • Course’s name: Matt Artisan – Infield Mastery Program
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Matt Artisan – Infield Mastery Program

Infield Mastery – Infield Breakdowns & Un-edited Footage from Matt and Top Instructors and Students

Infield Mastery is a collection of over 10 hours of my best infield content and breakdown.

It covers footage of me interacting with women in almost any situation you can think of.

You’ll look over my shoulder talking to women on the street, exchanging phone numbers with them, or directly taking them on a date…

And I’ll break down for you exactly what I said and did to generate attraction, pass their tests, and how YOU can do the same thing to make women chase you.

I even broke down some footage by my students…

So that you also see the things they were doing well…

And avoid the most common mistakes that are costing you good opportunities.

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside My Vault Of Infield Video Breakdowns…

  • You’ll see my 3-step framework to meeting women anywhere. This is what clients invest thousands of dollars to learn at our boot camps. With this, you’ll always know what to say when you see an attractive woman.
  • You’ll see how I compliment a woman in a way that sparks sexual tension and gets her immediately interested in what I have to say.
  • You’ll see how I take a woman on a date within just 3 minutes of meeting her. I’ll even show you how I guide the date to deepen the connection and attraction.
  • You’ll see exactly what I do to make myself different from all the other guys that she’s talked to in the past. And I’ll break down how you can do it too.
  • You’ll see how I spark attraction and connection within the first 15 seconds of meeting a woman.
  • You’ll see how we approach women if they are in groups or other tricky situations! Most guys are intimidated by these situations but we’ll show you how to do it naturally and easily.
  • You’ll get to see how I lead the conversation so that she sees me as the prize, and how this usually makes women chase me.
  • You’ll see the difference between meeting women in normal situations vs. meeting women with masks on. (The answer might surprise you…)
  • You’ll see how to meet women if they are with their mom. I’ll show you how to do it so the mom practically wants you to take her daughter on a date.
  • You’ll see how our team meets women in other countries. You’ll learn the differences in meeting women around the world, including India, Colombia, Mexico and throughout Europe.
  • Watch bootcamp students in action! These are videos of regular guys, just like yourself, from all backgrounds talking to women. See how they opened the conversation, went for the kiss, and went on instant dates(also with Matt’s breakdown)

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