GirlsChase – Charisma in a Bottle

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“Charisma in a Bottle” Gives You A Permanent “Charisma Upgrade” to Transform the Way the World Responds to You in All Areas of Your Life!

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GirlsChase – Charisma in a Bottle

A Practical “Book of Spells” for Compelling Men And Women to Give You What You Want Everywhere You Go…
Charisma naturally compels men and women to give you things you want…
But remember: You still must take initiative and lead…Especially if you want women to respect you as a viable “Mate”…
That’s where “One Date” comes in! So you’re all set there.
But when you combine Charisma with initiative you become SOCIALLY UNSTOPPABLE…”Charisma in a Bottle” is a major upgrade on everything “One Date” teaches you!
Charisma In A Bottle

Unleash your personal magnetism with the complete charisma system. Adopt the mindsets and behaviors of charismatic men and reap their incredible interpersonal results. Includes four videos alongside downloadable transcripts & mp3 versions, plus a companion ebook.
The Ultimate Bachelor Lifestyle

Put your charisma to use in a bachelor lifestyle carefully designed to bring you friends, women, and opportunities. Always know where the party is, where the money is, and where the women are… not to mention have EASY access to all three.

26 Charismatic Signals

Tap into the nonverbal behaviors charismatic men use to win followers and sway crowds. Each signal is simple to use… and the more of them you combine, the more magnetic you become…

Hollywood Charisma Breakdown

See what makes Hollywood’s most charismatic leading men so compelling. Breakdowns of your favorite stars show you how to replicate their tremendous interpersonal pull.
The Archetypes Handbook

Every man has a charismatic archetype — you just need to know yours. In The Archetype Handbook, you’ll uncover which archetype you fit, and how to develop your charisma around it.

The Lifestyle Selector

Don’t want to try out a dozen lifestyles to find the one for you? Answer a series of simple questions in the Lifestyle Selector, and you’ll receive your individual lifestyle profile (plus a unique report custom tailored to you).

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