Mina Irfan – The Savage Feminine

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The FU Guide to Dating, Relationships, Men, Money, and Business. Mina Irfan’s Underground trainings on how to be a Bish! This is the Underground Ancient Goddess Mystery School you prayed for!

  • Course’s name: Mina Irfan – The Savage Feminine
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Mina Irfan – The Savage Feminine

Secret, Savage, Underground Trainings….

The Savage Feminine Guide to Dating, Relationships, Men, Business, and Money!

When I created this course in what now seems like many timelines ago, I was terrified to teach it! It honestly seems like ages ago now and a completely different version of me.  The response I got from students blew my mind.  I had no idea that women from all walks of life, all ages, and all cultures were craving this information so bad! I can’t believe I almost didn’t teach it!

This course has awakened savage power in hundreds of women from all over the world.  Each woman has received the transmissions in exactly the way she needed at the time.  We have been told that some students have listened and relistened to the modules on repeat, using it to rewire their brain!

Some have gotten out of dead beat “relationships”.  Manifested their soul mate Kings. Others have activated next level boundaries.  Some have manifested more wealth and better positions of power for themselves.

I can’t say exactly how this information will be received by your current consciousness, but I know it will change your life beyond what any of us can imagine right now.

Those who haven’t taken the course yet, often ask… What do I mean by Savage and how is it different than Goddess Energy.

Here is my answer:

Goddess energy is when our human part is in communication with our divine part.  The two work together in a beautiful divine union. Energetic boundaries are created in this realm. Most people try to create boundaries in the physical plane and fail.

Savage is the understanding and honoring of our DNA and bloodlines. It goes so much deeper than Goddess energy. Goddess is your right, Savage is your divine duty. This is when a woman takes her rightful place as gatekeepers of DNA.

Predators already know how to be savage. It’s all the kind hearted, healthy people who have forgotten! And this creates a huge problem for all of us. We can’t let predators win the survival of the fittest race.

Because soon the predators will outnumber the providers. And that is not a world I want to leave behind for my children and future descendants.

And yes, this knowledge applies to those not planning on having kids and even those who have already raised their children.  Savage is a DNA activation.  The lost art of honoring both the light and dark sides of our being and doing.

Just like I’m not okay with only evil people having money. I’m not okay with only evil people being savage!!

We need both money and savage in the hands of KIND Hearted, Good people!! Especially women!

So no matter where you are in your life journey, if you are drawn to this course, there is something potent in it for you.

Imagine an activation so strong and potent, that you stop all your people pleasing, small playing, fear mongering, limiting belief creating BS!

I had no idea what impact this course would have on students when I created it.  I get the divine downloads and I immediately get to creating. The results have been just as shocking for me as for my students.  Never in a million years did I think that the course I was afraid to teach would become everyone’s #1 voted favorite!

I channeled my Mother Sheena for these teachings.  Sunflowers were her favorite flower.  After her passing she starting using them to comfort and communicate with me.  When I launched this course, she started sending sunflowers to my students from all over the world!! We received hundreds of emails and DMS of people sharing their sunflower messages with me.

Last week when I decided it would be time to relaunch the course again, the sunflowers started again! Both for me and my students. The funny thing is that I had not announced the re-launch publicly yet. Please let us know if Sheena contacts you through sunflowers.  Nothing makes me happier.

Oceans of love,

Mina Irfan

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