Vesica – Connecting to Spiritual Realities

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Our new Online Training offers profound insights & powerful practices which are difficult — if not impossible — to find in modern public spiritual teachings. This special course goes straight into the heart of real Spiritual Knowledge and Experience.

  • Course’s name: Vesica – Connecting to Spiritual Realities
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Vesica – Connecting to Spiritual Realities

Our new Online Training offers profound insights & powerful practices which are difficult — if not impossible — to find in modern public spiritual teachings.

This special course goes straight into the heart of real Spiritual Knowledge and Experience.

We are surrounded by an invisible spiritual world, filled with a wide range of spiritual beings.

These Beings are in constant connection with us. Throughout every day, these Beings influence our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions. The average person is completely unaware of this hidden world which guides and profoundly affects every part of our lives.

Every person on the Spiritual Path will become aware of these Spiritual Beings, and of their profound influence on us: the gifts brought to us from beneficial Beings, and the challenges we must become aware of — and consciously overcome — from hindering Beings.

Great Spiritual Traditions train their Initiates to develop clear perception of these Beings, and essential skills to DISCERN between different types of Beings and their influences.

In this unique and powerful online training, Dr. Robert J. Gilbert presents crystal-clear teachings and exercises collected from multiple Spiritual Traditions — and his own direct experience — into a unified, modern Spiritual Science.

This training offers Essential Insights which will awaken your own conscious awareness of the Spiritual Beings around you, and provides Key Practices to activate your energy body and spiritual organs to “see” into the Spiritual World around you.

Many of the Principles and Practices offered in this online course are not available from any other source.

Your understanding of the world around you — and your own Spiritual Potential & Power — will be transformed by this training.

Benefits of this Course Include: 

  • Access Advanced Spiritual Training from Your Own Home, On Your Own Schedule
  • Save Time with our Concise Summary of Rare and Essential Information (30 years of Intensive Research Distilled into 12 Hours of Online Instruction) 
  • Enjoy Profound Awakenings of Your Energy Body and Higher Consciousness
  • Develop True Discernment (so rare today) Between the Many Different Types of Helpful and Harmful Spiritual Beings You will Encounter on the Spiritual Path
  • Avoid the Painful Mistakes commonly made by many modern Spiritual Seekers (recognize the “Initiation Challenges” which always occur on the Spiritual Path, and use them for Accelerated Spiritual Development — instead of being Crushed by Them)
  • Attain True Spiritual Freedom and Independence (Become Aware of the Invisible Influences on Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions)

Practices Include:

  • Activating the Main Centers of the Human Energy Body (including the little-known Centers in the Central Axis of Energy, which hold a Key to Advanced Healing)
  • Clearing the Spiritual Column Above the Human Head
  • Activating & Experiencing the Twin Archangelic Energy Currents in the Body
  • Activating and Balancing the Energy Centers Above and Below the Human Body
  • Activating the Central Current of Energy to Open the Crown and Forehead Centers (the “Egyptian Ureaus” Energy Movement)
  • Perceiving the Spiritual within the People we Live and Work With 
  • Advanced Practice: Connecting to the 9 Ranks of Angelic Beings, through Precise Points in your Energy Field (NOTE: this practice is not available from any other public source)

Topics Include:

  • Key Methods through which Spiritual Beings Connect to Human Beings
  • Divine Mind-Power (and its Reflection within every Human Being)
  • The 9 Levels of Higher Spiritual Beings (Angelic Hierarchies)
  • Balancing Love and Freedom in our Daily Lives 
  • The “Initiation Trials” which are Guaranteed to Appear in Your Life — and How to Deal with Them (Essential Keys known to in Earlier Times but Forgotten Today)
  • The Critical Difference between Nature Elementals and Human-Generated Elemental Beings (Known as “Tulpas” in the Tibetan tradition)
  • Discerning between True Angelic Beings and the “Angelic Elementals” projected from the Human Mind (An Essential Topic rarely taught today)
  • How to Become Aware of the Spiritual Beings Connecting to You
  • Why some Spiritual Beings of Great “Light” are not necessarily “Good” or Beneficial
  • The Spiritual Beings which Seek to Influence all Spiritual Seekers to Overestimate our Current Level of Development (and to accept Distorted Spiritual Teachings)
  • The Only Thing You will Take with You through the Gate of Death (and How to Develop it during your Present Lifetime)
  • The Spiritual Beings which provide Resistance to Human Spiritual Development 
  • The 7 Fundamental Qualities needed to Connect Clearly with Spiritual Beings

Course Structure:

This Online Course contains a complete Intensive Training, in a convenient Home Study format. The entire course is pre-recorded, and you can access it whenever fits your schedule.

You receive total access online to the course for 1 year after the time you register; watch the streaming videos anytime during that period, as many times as you like, and download the audio files and handout to keep!

  • A Complete 3-Day Training in a Convenient Home Study Format
  • Available for You to Watch Anytime: Prerecorded and Available Online 24 – 7
  • Unlimited Access to the Online Course for 1 year after you join
  • 9 Streaming Videos
  • 9 Downloadable MP3 Audio for You to Keep, with Complete Audio of each Video
  • Downloadable Course Handout in Universal PDF Format
  • Works easily on both PC’s and Mac (and Most Mobile Devices as well!)

Access to the Online Course is immediate upon receipt of registration!

This course will be available to you online for 1 year after registration.

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