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Embodied Millionaire is the only course you need to learn how to APPLY manifesting to see REAL RESULTS, in the form of money pouring into your life, starting now.

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Shelly Bullard – Embodied Millionaire

Embodied Millionaire is the only course you need to learn how to APPLY manifesting to see REAL RESULTS, in the form of money pouring into your life, starting now.

In this deep-dive course, I will teach you how to supercharge your manifesting abilities like never before and attract money in massive amounts.

Here is the proven journey to manifesting becoming a millionaire (and beyond): 

Module 1: Your Money Mindset (7 in-depth video lessons + 100 page Workbook)

When you get honest about your true current beliefs about money now (even the ones you may not be conscious of), you know what you’re working with and you can implement the precise steps to start this major transformation

No matter your experience with manifestation, we all have work to do here – this is a lifelong, continuous and conscious up-leveling into the person who has everything you ever want or need.

Module 2: Millionaire Self Concept (7 in-depth video lessons + 93 page Workbook)

One of the most mind-boggling truths about creating money that we can ever learn is that we don’t have to DO anything for money… we just have to BE the person who is wealthy… and from that inner experience, money will come to you.

So what does it really mean to BE a millionaire internally? How do you take on this Self Concept to step into a whole new reality? How do you create a deep, profound connection with money and the truth that it is completely available to you? That’s what this Module is all about.

Module 3: Money in Your Reality (7 in-depth video lessons + 78 page Workbook)

We interact with money every single day, which is often why we stay in the same mindset and reality about money. You’re thinking about money a lot – whether it’s how much money you currently have, how much money you make, what bills you have, etc.

In order to create a new reality with money, we must learn to interact with money in a new way in our current reality WHILE embodying the Wish Fulfilled of being a Millionaire. This is the structured, intelligent, wealthy-person’s way to manage, interact with and hold your money currently so that it continues to multiply.

Module 4: “HOW” to Make it Happen (7 in-depth video lessons + 82 page Workbook)

The most amazing thing about manifesting money is you won’t have to take any action for it to happen (this seems unbelievable but in my experience, it is true!). What will occur instead is that the “action” for money to arrive will “happen through you.”

If you can really understand that the only thing necessary is for you to BE a millionaire internally… all other necessary steps will take care of themselves. In this Module we will wrap up the course with every little detail you need to know to be successful on your journey of becoming an Embodied Millionaire, inside and out.

Module 5: The Keys to Millions (7 in-depth video lessons + 80 page Workbook)

There are states of being that, when embodied, will propel you into a whole new inner and outer reality with money. The truth is, the frequency of Infinite Abundance is available to you, right now. Your Spiritual Nature IS infinitely abundant… YOU are infinitely abundant.

In this Module, you will not only learn how true that really is, but you will also learn how to embody your True Nature as Abundance itself, to manifest infinite amounts of wealth, and all other forms of abundance, into your life from now on. This is where we take what our mind may already know to be true and it becomes an unshakeable embodiment.

Here’s exactly what you’ll receive when you join:

  • 5 video Modules (35 lessons total) guiding you through the fundamental steps of manifesting millions. Absolutely nothing is left out. The whole path is laid out in front of you!
  • 5 full-length, very in-depth Workbooks filled with actionable exercises that immediately get you into the inner states necessary to manifest money so you can see results asap.
  • Private and Lifetime access to the course… return to the content over and over again, use it to scale yourself into receiving higher and higher amounts of money.
  • The most powerful pathway to manifest money (in the form of millions) that you’ve ever seen.

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