Luca Lampariello – Become a Master Language Learner

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Master the Bidirectional Translation Method & Become a Highly-Skilled Language Learner

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Luca Lampariello – Become a Master Language Learner

Master the Bidirectional Translation Method & Become a Highly-Skilled Language Learner

How I Learned 10+ Languages with the BDT

When I was a kid, I was as far from a polyglot as you could get—I only spoke Italian, my mother tongue.

When I was old enough to enter school, I took French and English. Like most people who are forced to study a language in a classroom setting, my results weren’t spectacular; the classes were boring, and I never felt like I learned much.

One day, my parents hired an English tutor to come and work with me at home. This tutor taught me that language was not just some boring school subject, but rather a means to learn about and explore all sorts of interesting things, like movies, books, and—of course—people!

This began my fascination with using natural, authentic language content to learn languages. This fascination would eventually lead me to the epiphany that would help birth the Bidirectional Translation method!

One day, I decided to start learning German on my own. As much as I liked authentic content at the time, I had no idea how to start learning German that way. So, instead, I went the traditional route, and tried to learn the language the old-fashioned way, using dictionaries, and an old grammar book. Boring!

Eventually, I became so disillusioned that I nearly gave up. Fortunately, before that could happen, I stumbled upon a commercial for a German course on audiocassette which claimed to teach the language using natural, authentic dialogues, spoken by real Germans.

Eureka! This was just the kind of interesting and natural language content I needed to get started as a beginner. These dialogues represented German as it was spoken in real life, so they were infinitely more interesting than any verb tables or word lists.

As I went through the content day after day, I noticed something interesting: if I took the German dialogues and translated them into Italian, I could memorize words and phrases much more easily. Better yet, if I translated my Italian translation back into German a few days later, I ended up remembering even more!

Gradually, I found that this system of taking natural dialogues in German and translating them in two directions wasn’t just helping me remember words and phrases—it was helping me think in my target language!

Following this system, I went through every single German dialogue available in my audio course. Within a year and a half of starting German, I found that I was able to have natural, comfortable, and confident conversations with German people.

At the time, I was worried this could have been a fluke. So I decided to try it again, but this time with Spanish.

So I purchased a Spanish audio course, and applied my new bidirectional translation method to it. Sure enough, I reached fluency within one year!

As the years passed, I applied the BDT to more and more languages: Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Hungarian, Greek, and others.

Time and time again, the method held up. I was able to use the BDT to build a solid foundation in any language, and quickly reach fluency.

The final test of the BDT was to teach it to other people. Would it work for my coaching clients as well it had worked for me?

I’m happy to say that the answer was a resounding “YES!”

After ten years of teaching the BDT to hundreds of coaching clients, I’ve found that yes, the BDT does indeed work for others just as well as it worked for me. In fact, it works even better now, since I’ve used that decade of experience to make the method more powerful, and more flexible than ever!

Course Information

Become a Master Language Learner

Become a Master Language Learner: The Bidirectional Translation Method is a course designed to help language learners reach a lower-intermediate level in a language in 3 to 6 months time, through Luca Lampariello’s unique Bidirectional Translation method. The 11 modules (and 23 sub-modules) consist of videos with detailed instructions from Luca, as well as slides, practical examples and PDF missions.

This is an evergreen online course that you can watch and learn with at any time. If you ever feel like you need a more personalized touch, you’ll be able to receive step-by-step guidance from Luca and the team through regular Live Q&A sessions on Zoom, as well as through our private Circle course community. You’ll be able to work directly with Luca for as long as you are enrolled in the course.


Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Become a Master Language Learner: The Bidirectional Translation Method is an evergreen online course divided into 11 modules accompanied by live Q&A sessions and constant interaction with Luca’s team and other learners on our private Circle community.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to login and gain full access to the course platform.

At the end of this online course, you’ll have mastered the Bidirectional Translation Method—Luca’s technique for learning 10+ languages—and you’ll be well on your way to an intermediate level in your target language within 3 to 6 months.

  • Leverage the essential cognitive principles that lie at the heart of any and all successful language learning methods.
  • Learn how to select the right language learning resources based on your level, needs, and personal preferences. Plus, you’ll find out exactly how to develop an optimal weekly routine, concentrate on one task at a time, and create your own bilingual resources.
  • Use transcripts and audio to do intensive listening and reading sessions. These activities will help you improve your listening comprehension and acquire new vocabulary at a fast pace.
  • Learn how to perform a Phonetic Analysis—a simple system for breaking down any language into its basic sound structure, so that you can master both its pronunciation and intonation.
  • Use Direct Translation and Reverse Translation to gain a deep understanding of any bilingual text, and commit the most valuable words and phrases into your long term memory.
  • Learn grammar in an innovative, brain-friendly way, without obsessing over mind-numbing grammar drills.
  • Integrate the principles of Spaced Repetition and Smart Review into your learning routine, allowing you to learn and memorize new words, phrases, and structures without stress, boredom, or burnout.
  • Acquire the confidence and rock-solid mindset of a master language learner, so that you can quickly bring your language skills (and your language learning skills) to the next level!


Luca Lampariello has been learning languages for 30 years, and has been coaching students one-on-one since 2011.

First developed through is own language learning experiences, the Bidirectional Translation Method is the signature method that Luca teaches to all of his coaching clients.

Through working with hundreds of students, Luca has developed this method to have the flexibility to work for any learner, and with any language.

With time, Luca’s coaching has helped many struggling language learners become well-organized, confident, and proficient in their language skills.

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Luca Lampariello - Become a Master Language Learner



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