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Reality 2.0 Course – Learn the fundamentals of Reality Transurfing with Renée Garcia. Learn to let go entirely of your preexisting operating system and discard everything holding you back from highest self.

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Reality 2.0 – Renée Garcia

Reality 2.0 contains 11 Core concept audio lessons covering the following:

The Alternatives Space

Familiarize yourself with the theoretical background of our entire reality known as Alternatives Space. At the end of this lesson, you will have a better understanding of this concept and why Vadim Zeland chooses this knowledge as the starting point for the Reality Transurfing modality.


Learn about the destructive power of pendulums, what exactly a pendulum is, how they influence you, and the part it needs to play in order for it to survive. These tools will help you understand the magnitude of allowing pendulums into your reality and how they damage your happiness and goals.

Defeating Pendulums

Learn exactly how to defeat a pendulum with Reality Transurfing techniques. Return to a place where your time is more peaceful and enjoyable, like when you were a kid. You’ll also learn about ‘excess potential’, ‘equilibrium forces’, and ‘dropping importance’.

The Wave of Success

Set yourself up for delightful encounters with ‘the Wave of Fortune’. Learn how to stay in the flow of fortunate events and accumulate favorable tracks in the Alternatives Space. Having freed yourself from pendulums, you now have the freedom to choose the ‘Wave of Fortune’ you most desire

The Induced Transition

Familiarize yourself with the counterproductive habits that we fall into that take us away from Reality Transurfing and the ideal heightened state of awareness. You’ll learn how to recognize the moment before an induced transition is about to occur and how to avoid it so you remain in a state of abundance and free energy.

The Alternatives Flow

Activate your inner observer and loosen your grip on your ‘problems’ by letting go of attachment and the knee-jerk reaction of trying to control your experiences. Once this has become your default state, your reality will look, sound and feel entirely different.

Guiding Signs

Once you start to observe what is happening around you, you will see the tangible guiding signs that life sends us to help us navigate through life. Learning to recognize the signs, explore your options for your future reality and see if you are acting in the interests of a destructive pendulum or to your own detriment.


One of the key concepts in Reality Transurfing is the Slide, which is a product of your imagination and a distorted picture of reality. Learn how slides distort the perception of true reality, how to erase negative slides and replace them with positive slides that are pleasant to your heart and mind.

The Dream World

Learn how to make knowledge of the dream world work for you while sleeping and awake. In this lesson, we will deeply discuss the dream world and use this knowledge to assist you in a firmer understanding of both inner and outer intention.

Inner and Outer Intention

Learn the difference between external and internal intention and how they influence your inner world and the world around you. You’ll learn the two keys to success when it comes to achieving what you desire with Reality Transurfing techniques.

Goals and Doors (Heart and Mind)

These concepts will act as the backbone of your personal success. Building on previous concepts, you’ll learn how to notice doors in front of you to join your maximum potential and walk with coordination into your future.

What You will get this course Reality 2.0 – Renée Garcia

The Reality 2.0 Course with 11 modules, PDFs, visuals, homework, and more ($1200.00 value)
Bonus #1: Mo’ Money Course. 6 hours of exclusive training, meditations, PDFs, and more ($391.00 value)
Bonus #2: Becoming Magnetic Course. Almost 7 hours of exclusive training, meditations, declarations, and more! ($391 value)
Bonus #3: Tufti Center Screen Webinar – An in-depth seminar from Vadim Zeland’s latest sensation! (priceless!)

Who is this course for

Reality 2.0 Course

Learn the fundamentals of Reality Transurfing with Renée Garcia

Written by former Russian quantum physicist, Vadim Zeland, Transurfing is now starting to see the spotlight worldwide in a big way. This collection of perspective-benders and energy management techniques allow you to peer behind the curtain. You’ll see vividly how reality truly functions and exactly how you can become a star in your reality. Organize your thought energy, create an environment for maximum efficiency, and realize your optimally-functioning, highest self! This potent metaphysical based system will help you to see reality from an entirely different mindset.

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