Luisa Zhou – Mindset Makeover

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Mindset Makeover – Go from frustrated employee to successful, confident entrepreneur by developing the ONE skill that changes everything.

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Luisa Zhou – Mindset Makeover

Mindset Makeover – This 4-question quiz reveals everything you need to know about whether or not you’ll be able to successfully build your own business, break free from the 9-5, and have the life you want


Mindset Makeover

Go from frustrated employee to successful, confident entrepreneur by developing the ONE skill that changes everything.

Mindset Makeover is a step-by-step online course that gives you everything you need to develop your own Entrepreneurial Confidence:

  • 10x your confidence and build massive, unshakeable trust in yourself, so you can squash those sneaky doubts for good and finally know with certainty that your success isn’t a maybe. It’s an inevitability.
  • Go from frustrated and afraid to showing up confidently and fully in your business every. single. day. (Without being afraid of looking stupid or not getting responses. Although when you share content from a place of Entrepreneurial Confidence, people are naturally attracted to it and pay attention.
  • Stop feeling salesy about even hinting at having something to sell and instead start feeling GOOD about making sales because you’re owning the value you bring to your clients. (Potential clients will sense this too and WANT to buy from someone who’s confident in how they help their clients.)
  • Outsmart your Employee Mindset so you push out the bad habits, overcome your doubts and fears, and create new beliefs that skyrocket your results faster than you could ever imagine
  • Reframe rejections and learn how to let “no’s” and failures stop bothering you because you finally see them for what they are — an opportunity for you to stop holding yourself back and forge another (better) path forward
You’ll get instant and lifetime access to all the course audios, examples, and exercises, which you’ll be able to listen to right away (including in your car or at the gym). What’s more…
It’s specific. You’ll get exact scripts, exercises, and examples of how I personally used the exercises.
It’s fast. You’ll be able to finish the 7 audio lessons in less than 40 minutes. And the exercises won’t take much longer. It’s truly that simple. (And you’ll start seeing results right away.)
And it’s practical. Former Space Station Engineer here. You won’t find any fluffy “Think and Grow Rich” woo-woo nonsense inside these doors.

Via the 4 modules, you’ll learn the 4 simple shifts to break free from Employee Mindset and build your own Entrepreneurial Confidence:

These aren’t strategies or theories. I’ll share with you the exact exercises and steps I used to personally go from quiet, hard-working introvert to one of the most profitable, sought after teachers in the industry.
Mindset Shift #1:
Get clear on your goals
As soon as you listen to the first module, you’ll start feeling more clear, confident, and excited about your goals.
Plus, you’ll discover the #1 mindset shortcut I used to engineer more sales of my coaching packages and bring in over $10,000 in one month as a new entrepreneur nobody had heard of.
I’ll also show you my top exercise for “tricking” myself into achieving my big, scary financial goals and hitting 6-figures in business — WAY before I ever felt ready.
Mindset Shift #2:
Develop rock-solid confidence in your goals
To hit your goals, you have to truly believe they’re possible. (And no, just telling yourself to believe doesn’t work.)
That’s why in this module you’ll get the proven, smack-’em-down exercise for permanently deleting your doubts and replacing them with new beliefs that bring you confidence, cash, and clients (This will save you years of agonizing and overthinking)
Plus, I’ll also show you the most powerful exercise I’ve found for transforming your relationship with money (so you stop feeling guilty about making sales and start feeling confident and GOOD about charging delicious prices).
Mindset Shift #3:
Quash your negative fears, doubts, beliefs, and blocks
After this module, you’re going to feel like a new person who has finally quieted your fears, doubts, and negative doubts. How?
With Employee Mindset, we have deep-seated, negative beliefs and thoughts that have been drilled into us over decades.
That’s why you’re going to love the powerful “excavation” technique that’ll uncover and eliminate the blocks you don’t even realize are sabotaging your success right now.
Plus, I’ll also show you the tried-and-true “courtroom” exercise for logically attacking, dismantling, and shutting down your biggest negative thoughts and blocks.
Mindset Shift #4:
Consistently get faster and bigger results
Because developing and maintaining Entrepreneurial Confidence is a skill, that means you can also get better and better at it. Which will in turn lead to bigger and faster results.
In this module, I’ll show you how to not only master your Entrepreneurial Confidence for good, but also how to use it to continually hit every new goal you set.
Your friends and family will wonder at your newfound confidence, calmness, and control. You and I will know what caused it.


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