Sophie Tahran – The ClickMinded Content Marketing Training

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Create Effective Content Marketing Campaigns – The content marketing course teaches you exactly how to create effective, world-class content marketing campaigns, as quickly as possible.

  • Course’s name: Sophie Tahran – The ClickMinded Content Marketing Training
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  • Last Update: 2023

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Sophie Tahran – The ClickMinded Content Marketing Training

Create Effective Content Marketing Campaigns – The content marketing course teaches you exactly how to create effective, world-class content marketing campaigns, as quickly as possible.

Here’s what’s included in the course.

The ClickMinded Content Marketing Training teaches you EXACTLY how to develop massively profitable content campaigns

01: How content marketing fits into your business

  • The role of content marketing in your marketing funnel (hint: you shouldn’t use it, in the same way, all the time—or even measure the same metrics!)
  • Why it’s important to differentiate copywriting and content marketing (if you think they’re the same, you’re doing it wrong)

02: Discovering your “target persona”

  • Why you shouldn’t send the same message to all of your users (with an example of how Lyft used personas and funnels to deliver valuable content to their users)
  • The most common mistake marketers make when performing persona research (spoiler alert: it’s sticking to just demographic data)
  • Discovering all the demographic data you already have access to but are not taking advantage of
  • The first people you should talk to if you want to effortlessly get massive insights about your ideal users
  • A step-by-step walkthrough on how we run customer interviews (with the exact scripts we use)
  • How to validate that you’re ready to create a persona for your business (and when you need to do more research)
  • The 3 mistakes to avoid when going through the process of creating your target persona

03: Crafting messages that convert

  • How to use “single-minded value propositions” to create a more efficient sales funnel
  • Crafting compelling single-minded value propositions for each persona at each stage of the sales funnel
  • How to think like a reader in the attention-deficit era and the FOUR tactics you can use create content that people actually consume
  • The four most effective types of long-form content you can use for your business (and examples from a bunch of different industries)
  • Our favorite tools for creating high-quality and engaging l

04: Top of the Funnel: Content that attracts traffic

  • Proven content formulas to create blog posts, YouTube videos, social media posts, and podcasts that attract massive traffic to your website

05: Middle of the Funnel: Content that turns traffic into leads

  • How to create high-converting landing pages, lead magnets, webinars, and trials that turn visitors into qualified leads

06: Bottom of the Funnel: Content that turns leads into customers

  • 4 types of content campaigns to boost your sales and revenue (and work for any company and industry)

07: Building a strategic content calendar from scratch

  • How to never run out of content ideas and making data-driven decisions about what content to create
  • The framework to turn your single-minded value props into an entire content calendar for all of your marketing channels
  • One simple way to determine which is the most important piece of content for your business
  • The 4 types of emotions you want your users to have (and how each can help you accomplish a specific business goal)
  • How to properly use automation to deliver relevant messages to your users (and the tool we like to use to easily map our entire communication strategy)
  • Setting up processes that set you up for success (sounds boring, but this is how you truly scale content marketing)
  • How to prioritize all the ideas in your content calendar to maximize growth (and avoid letting your biases drive your content strategy)

08: Picking the right channels for your content marketing

  • Why email is probably the most important channel for your content marketing strategy (and the ONE element that can make or break the success of your emails)
  • The three principles to follow if you decide to use paid channels for content marketing.
  • How to use social media for content marketing (and why you shouldn’t just publish your content to as many channels as possible)
  • A simple, step-by-step process to perfectly optimize your content for search engines (even if you don’t know anything about SEO)

09: Writing copy that converts

  • The four essential pieces of information you need to have BEFORE you can even start writing any content
  • How to adapt storytelling for content marketing—and use it to convert users
  • Why voice and tone are not the same and how to use them correctly in your messaging
  • Mistakes to avoid when defining your brand’s voice (those that can become a crutch for your company in the future or even an obstacle for growth)
  • The five principles you need to follow to write content that converts (and make sure everyone on your team does so as well)
  • Creating powerful calls-to-action in four simple steps: design, develop, link, and describe

BONUS: Content marketing walkthroughs and templates

  • Our favorite tools for content creation, project management, and copywriting
  • The exact templates you can use to set up your content calendar and content creation process from scratch
  • How ClickMinded’s content production process works (a ton of people have asked us for this so we created a comprehensive walkthrough over the entire thing)
  • Our exact tactics for successfully outsourcing content creation (it took us years to get this process ironed out but we’ll save you the trouble and just tell you exactly what to do)

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