Mark Webster & Gael Breton – Authority Hacker Pro 2024

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Authority Hacker Pro is the #1 Growth Hacking Training for Site Owners

  • Course’s name: Mark Webster & Gael Breton – Authority Hacker Pro 2024
  • Size: GB
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  • Last Update: 2023

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Mark Webster & Gael Breton – Authority Hacker Pro 2024

Authority Hacker Pro is the #1 Growth Hacking Training for Site Owners

  • Grow Your Site With 450+ Video Lessons
  • Go Faster With 100+ Copy/Paste Templates
  • Join Elite Site Owners In Our Pro Community
  • Risk-Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


  • The exact editorial process & prompts we use to generate high E-E-A-T content with AI.
  • Tools to build the exact site structure you should use for higher rankings with fewer links.
  • Our secret keyword research tactics for high-intent keywords your competitors will never find.
  • How to get white hat links to your site on top tier & highest DR sites.
  • The anatomy of the perfect page that both ranks and converts.
  • Our exact negotiation tactics for half-price link placements.
  • The exact formula to steal your competitor’s Featured Snippets.
  • How to implement one schema markup that steals traffic from your competitors.
  • How to use AI to speed up and make high-end link building cheaper & more successful.
  • Step-by-step site setup that will make your site load under 1s and pass all Core Web Vitals.
  • How we hack search intent to leapfrog the competition.
  • 5 things you can add to your title tags to double the CTR.
  • The ONE on-page hack to bump your rankings up in less than 24h.
  • The best way to structure your internal links for maximum rankings.
  • The exact process, templates & prompts to organize the mass creation of all types of blog content (reviews, info posts, skyscraper, tutorials, roundups, etc…).
  • Our foolproof checklist to analyze a keyword for ranking potential.
  • One method to reach into the inbox of all outreach targets.
  • The exact process we use to find & train new writers, from newbies to ranking content.
  • How to 10x your email list opt-in rates.
  • How to make bank from your email list and diversify away from pure affiliate & ads revenue.
  • How to build highly profitable evergreen funnels that generate daily sales.

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