Mark Ritson – Mini MBA in Brand Management

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Mini MBA in Brand Management – Build better brands and boost your career

  • Course’s name: Mark Ritson – Mini MBA in Brand Management
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Mark Ritson – Mini MBA in Brand Management

Mini MBA in Brand Management – Build better brands and boost your career

Bigger brand brains begin here.

Whether you’re already a brand manager, or a marketer interested in that side of things, the Mini MBA in Brand Management provides applied, advanced (and very enjoyable) training in Brand Management.

The course gives you a complete brand planning process, that you can use to enhance your own brand, as well as a simulator that tests your skills in a fully realised, competitive online setting.

You’ll also gain a full-year subscription to the Mini MBA Alumni Network included. Receive continued access to all of the course videos, readings and resources. Plus, monthly Q&As with Mark, Alumni-led case studies on getting the most out of your learnings, and a global community of passionate marketers supporting and sharing your ongoing journey.

The skills you need to stand out.

  • 10 on-demand modules covering core MBA brand management modules
  • Q&A sessions with Mark Ritson
  • Access to the Mini MBA Alumni Network
  • Mini MBA certificate and 36 CPD credits

Complete the Mini MBA in Brand Management in 10 eye-opening modules.

Across 10 modules in 12 weeks, as well as interactive Q&A with Mark every two weeks, the course covers much of the same content as the second year of an MBA, following the complete brand journey from diagnosis through to execution and tracking.

Module 01: The What & Why of Brand

the concept of brand / brand equity / brand salience

Module 02: Brand Management

brand management / brand planning / brand building

Module 03: Brand Diagnosis

brand heritage / founders / brand research

Module 04: Targeting

target marketing / mass marketing / two-speed planning / the long and the short

Module 05: Brand Positioning

relative differentiation / positioning statements / articulation

Module 06: Brand Codes

distinctiveness / salience / codifying / brand execution

Module 07: Brand Objectives

funnel building / strategic goals / brand strategy

Module 08: Brand Architecture

brand portfolios / consolidation / diversification

Module 09: Tactical Execution

from strategy to execution / disruptive consistency / codification / exemplars

Module 10: Budgeting & Brand Tracking

setting the branding budget / zero-based budgets / brand health

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