Lattice Hudson – High End Offer Accelerator

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The million dollar method for breaking through invisible income barriers, feast & famine revenue cycles, and glass ceilings through a powerful scalable high-ticket group coaching program.

  • Course’s name: Lattice Hudson – High End Offer Accelerator
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  • Last Update: 2022

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Lattice Hudson – High End Offer Accelerator

High End Offer Accelerator – The million dollar method for breaking through invisible income barriers, feast & famine revenue cycles, and glass ceilings through a powerful scalable high-ticket group coaching program.


The complete guide to creating a fully-booked client list, consistent revenue months, and generational wealth through a high-ticket 1:1 or group coaching program

So you can:

  • Create a no-brainer offer that attracts premium clients and turns them into raving fans
  • Master the art of high-ticket sales so that your ideal clients are dying to say “yes!”
  • Leverage organic and paid social media to turn engagement into consistent high-paying clients every month
  • Hire high-level support to free up time and take the heavy load off your shoulders

And FINALLY build an online coaching business and a life that you LOVE!


PHASE 1A Create Your Scalable High-End 1:1 OR Group Coaching Offer

Now that your foundation is in place, it’s time to start thinking about your offer. You’ll learn how to brainstorm and create a killer high-ticket offer that dazzles your audience and turns them into premium paying clients.

In Phase 1A, you’ll learn:

  • How to craft a unique premium offer that reflects your zone of genius
  • Tried-and-tested frameworks for creating offers that attract and retain high-paying clients
  • The best practices for positioning your unique offer so you stand out in your marketplace
  • How to package an offer that gives you confidence and helps you scale
  • The formula for pricing your offer so you can get it juuust right (without discounting your services or missing out on quality leads)

You’ll get:

  • A complete offer messaging guide (OMG!) that breaks down the ways to position your offer
  • An offer roadmap that will help you create the perfect program for your clients
  • Exact pricing examples & models to ensure you are priced for profit

PHASE 1B Structure & Deliver Your High-End Offer

Ready to change more lives? With the lessons in this module, you’ll explore how to structure your high-end offer to create an exceptional experience for your clients. You’ll learn how to make your offer irresistible to your target audience so you can make a bigger impact while maximizing your revenue.

In Phase 2B, you’ll learn:

  • How to use client interactions to improve your program and boost your bottom line
  • Why your program promise matters and how to construct one that suits your clients’ needs
  • How to use automation to streamline your onboarding and offboarding
  • The best ways to boost retention and reduce client turnover
  • How to navigate difficult client situations including failed payments, refund requests, cancellations, and more

You’ll get:

  • Client communication templates that enhance your program experience
  • Renewal templates that alleviate concerns, generate excitement and boost retention
  • A customer relations hub filled with templates & tutorials to manage and organize the entire life cycle
  • Onboarding & offboarding & program upgrade automation templates to manage these steps with ease
  • Program management setup & overview to keep a highly engaged group coaching community
  • Detailed training on how to set up your entire program from start to finish

PHASE 1C Validate & “Launch” Your High-End 1:1 OR Group Offer

As the CEO of your company, your job is to bring in the money.
In this phase, you’ll learn how to finally release your offer into the wild with one simple social selling ad, so you can start bringing in the moolah. You’ll learn a paint-by-numbers marketing strategy that will help you sell your program on automation so you can maximize your revenue, time, and impact.

In Phase 1C, you’ll learn:

  • The easy 1 part “launch” plan to open up the doors to your 1:1 or group coaching program for as long as you want (no existing audience – no worries!)
  • How to leverage your current audience to turn them into hot leads in literal days
  • The one simple AD that will have people sending you messages wanting to learn more about what YOU have to offer before your program is even built

PHASE 2 Create Your Automated Lead Funnel™

If you’ve ever felt that throw-your-computer-at-the-wall-and-crawl-in-bed-stress that comes with tech and marketing, then stick with me. In phase 2, you’ll receive a step-by-step guide to creating automated lead funnels that rake in quality leads whether you’re posting on social media or not.

In Phase 2, you’ll learn:

  • A complete overview of the Automated Lead Funnel™ process (so you can cut your nurture time in half)
  • How to create a 3-day signature pre-recorded video series that turns cold audiences into hot leads
  • How to integrate tech into your existing marketing strategies to maximize success
  • The steps to take to set up your lead funnels (with an over-the-shoulder tutorial)
  • How to craft email sequences that get your audience to show up (and pull the trigger)

You’ll get:

  • Client nurture and confirmation email sequences
  • Automated Lead Funnel™ tech checklist

PHASE 3 Scale with Facebook™ & Instagram™ Ads

Paid traffic completely changed my life and my business. So even though you’ll get all the tools to sell your offer organically, you’ll also learn how to leverage paid traffic to scale to the next level. In this lesson, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour of how to set up simple and profitable ads on Facebook & Instagram.

In Phase 3 you’ll learn:

  • How to install, launch, and run ads even if you’ve never ran ads before
  • Optimization tips to reach a larger audience and amplify your brand
  • How to troubleshoot ads that are not performing (and when to know it’s time to switch things up)

You’ll get:

  • Training on how to set up Facebook Business Manager & your business page
  • A step-by-step Facebook Pixel walkthrough to track your ad success
  • An in-depth tutorial on how to set up conversion & traffic campaigns for your Automated Lead Funnel™
  • A proven & profitable swipe file bank to pull from when drafting your ad copy and creative

PHASE 4 The Social Sales Suite

Tired of getting likes, shares, and “yessss 👏” comments on your content posts…but never getting people through the door?

If you’re still getting crickets every time you promote your offer, it’s time to switch things up. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to start rocking your social game so you can turn your engagement into cold, hard conversions.

In module 5, you’ll learn:

  • How to implement this unique high-touch social sales process from start to finish
  • Ways to qualify quality leads through social (and start sniffing out the non-buyers)
  • How to master the art of high ticket selling (and stop sounding like a used-car salesman)
  • Strategies to overcome common money objections so you can convert your audience into high-end buyers
  • Scripts to help you set more appointments & close those sales calls

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