Jimmy Fung – Program

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  • Course’s name: Jimmy Fung – Program
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  • Last Update: 2023

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Jimmy Fung – Program

How I Can Potentially Help You:

  • I will work with you 1 on 1 for 3 months, where I will provide you guidance on the quickest path to making $10,000 inside of your own Lead Generation Agency.
  • I am helping you cut through the noise, clear up any confusion and provide clarity on direct revenue generating activities that will move your business forward.
  • I will help you implement the following:
    • Pick your niche
    • Write your outbound scripts
    • Review and coach you on your sales calls (you must record your calls)
    • Get you your first paying client that will pay thousands of dollars
    • Put together a personalized roadmap so you can get to $10,000 in the next 6 months

This isn’t a course or another program where I send you 40 video modules explaining how it works. You are not buying information. All the information is free on my Youtube. I think selling information is stupid….

You are getting direct access to me, you’re getting direct implementation on things that make it unreasonable for you not to make money, and most importantly… you are getting accountability and to make sure you take action.

Please Cancel The Call…

  • You’re not serious about building your own agency.
  • You’re just looking to ‘learn more’ (all the info you need is on my YT)
  • You’re not ready to go ALL IN and can only commit to building your business as a ‘side hustle’ or as a ‘part time’ thing – unlike what people say, it’s near impossible to make good money in your business treating like a part time (it’s possible, but highly unlikely).
  • You’re not willing to learn and TAKE ACTION. Learning will not get you paid. Taking action on what you learn will get you paid.
  • You’re unwilling to stick it out during challenges – you’re building a business that will make you thousands of dollars, it is simple but not easy
  • You have not watched the above video – I dive into everything about the business in as much detail as possible – this should answer 95% of your questions
  • You’re looking to figure it out yourself. I have a FREE course on my YT where I share everything I know, and if you take action on the info, you will make money. I guarantee it.

If you fall under any of the above points, please cancel the call.

I have my own Agency business to run, and I simply don’t have the time capacity to be working with people who aren’t serious. If you’re looking for more 1:1 guidance, direct mentorship and proximity to me, to accelerate your success in the business, this is for you…

What We Will Chat About On The Call:

On this call, we will be running through:

  • If I think I can help you… (there are just some people who I can’t do much for…)
  • What you are looking to get guidance on…
  • What your goals with the business is…
  • Prior experience (if any) that can help you pick your niche and that you can leverage…
  • How specifically I can help you achieve your goals

I will not be pitching you and ‘convincing’ you of anything on this call, if it seems like a good fit for both you and I, we’ll talk next steps and the path forward…

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