Rania Selfeduni – Writing Bundle

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Rania Selfeduni – Writing Bundle

What is included?

The Ultimate Journaling Guide

Journaling Methods

  1. Catch the Thought Method (CTTM): Helps you sort out and solve complex thoughts and challenges.
  2. Self-Knowledge Method: Encourages deep self-reflection to better understand yourself.
  3. Knowledge Method: Organizes and integrates your acquired knowledge.
  4. Future-Oriented Journaling: Guides you in setting future goals based on past experiences.
  5. Clear Your Mind Method: Frees your mind by allowing unstructured, spontaneous writing.
  6. Other Methods – Diary, Travel Journal, and Gratitude Journal: These additional methods focus on daily reflections, documenting travel experiences, and expressing gratitude.

Notion Journaling Template

  1. Instructions for practicing different journaling methods.
  2. Tracker to keep an overview.

More than 100 Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection

  • 50 Simple Reflection Questions
  • 46 Questions with a Moderate Time Commitment:
  • 5 Challenging Questions with an Extensive Time Commitment

The Knowledge Journal | Notion Template

notion template specifically developed to enhance your creativity, critical thinking and curiosity. This template provides you with a structured but flexible framework to capture and organize your thoughts and knowledge on a variety of topics.

Improve Your Handwriting: A Full Guide with Exercises

  1. Approach and Tips
  2. The Alphabet – Flowing Lines
  3. Alphabet Practice Sheets
  4. Mandalas for Hand Training
  5. Hand Strengthening Exercises
  6. My Essentials and Hand Exercises

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