Brittany Lewis – Top Seller Secret

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Imagine building your own 6-figure online shop without having to spend a dime on ads or wasting countless hours with endless trial + error.

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Brittany Lewis – Top Seller Secret

Brittany Lewis – Top Seller Secret

Imagine building your own 6-figure online shop without having to spend a dime on ads or wasting countless hours with endless trial + error.



◉  S T R A T E G Y

ONLY what’s most important in terms of organically (meaning leveraging the pre-existing 100+ million shoppers ALREADY ON ETSY) building and scaling your Etsy shop WITHOUT ADS or social media necessary.


  • Detailed search engine optimization (SEO) strategy  to get your listings ranking on the first page of search results for the most relevant keywords (this is how you scale a shop organically – you MUST be easily seen!).  You’ll learn how to do this by utilizing the goldmine that is
  • Product/niche selection based on real customer data (and NOT guesses!).
  • My tried & tested in-depth process for testing, analyzing & building out on what’s working in your shop in order to scale it to the moon
  • Plus MUCH more! All systems & processes are supported with deep-dive style, yet simple, homework to help guide you as efficiently and effectively as possible through it all!

◉  D E S I G N 

How to create best selling designs without being a designer – this is my specialty. You’ll learn how to create exactly what people want so they BUY (and they buy a lot).

  • Canva, Photoshop Elements, and design tutorials
  • All the design basics including color matching for print on demand, design dimensions, and more.
  • Best selling design templates (created by me in Canva) that you can edit and use on your own products to accelerate sales.
  • MANY screen share videos of me executing design creation so you can see my design process first hand at work.
  • Choosing fonts/text designs, and more!

◉  P I N T E R E S T

After hitting 20+ MILLION views on my Etsy shop’s Pinterest account, I decided it was a non-negotiable that I taught other sellers how to harness the power of this unique (and highly viable) platform.

Included in this course, I spill every last Pinterest secret I have and teach you exactly how to execute a winning Pinterest strategy to boost traffic and sales in your shop with very little effort (and no money on ads necessary!).

I discovered one simple MEGA keyword hack that nobody talks about – yet it changed everything for my Pinterest views + engagement. I teach you every step of it here.

◉  M E G A   S E L L E R   M E N T A L I T Y

Learn what separates the low performing sellers from the massively successful sellers on Etsy and how to develop that winning mindset that will help you achieve, grow, and maintain a 6-figure annual income on Etsy!

◉  E V E R Y T H I N G   I N   B E T W E E N

Worried you’ll still be missing something? Don’t be.

You’ll learn every last detail you need to know in order to get to where you’re trying to go on Etsy.

Included in this course is also all the right information on creating highly effective mockup photos, over 12+ hours of group coaching call replays, motivational print outs, cheat sheets, organizational Google Docs, recordings of me doing shop critiques, and SO MUCH MORE!

If you’re ready to go from ‘spinning your wheels’ to effectively scaling your business with the right strategies but you need someone who’s been there, done that to guide the way…

Here’s how the program breaks down…

My 6 Figure Scaling Process: The I.O.D. Method

My I.O.D. Method (and the processes it’s comprised of) is literally my top seller secret and the heart and soul of this program.

It is my promise to you that each video of this course will be 110% value packed and ripe for immediate implementation.

The I.O.D. Method is deceptively simple and wildly effective:

 Step One: Identify – Top trends, niches, demand.

 Step Two: Optimize – Search engine optimization, listing photos, pricing, listing details.

➤ Step Three: Develop – Scaling your business through testing/collecting real time data/building out based on that data.


All successful businesses begin with effectively identifying where the most viable opportunities lie. Print on demand is no different. Without the proper identification of ideal customers, niches, and in demand designs, nothing else will matter to the growth of your shop. This module teaches you next level identification – where to look, how to decide, and ultimately what choices will maximize your growth long term.

In module one, you’re going to learn:

  • Potent, no-nonsense trend researching (AKA in demand product identification) and methods to collect/save your findings in an organized and easily manageable way.
  • Verifying trend research results through a highly accurate and simple resource ( that will allow you to quickly decide, based on specific parameters, whether to “take or toss” ideas.
  • The exact processes and resources (checklists/templates) I use for my own shops to identify the gold mine niches that few (if any) other sellers are taking advantage of.


Once you’ve gathered the right information and narrowed down your product, customer and niche decisions – none of that is any good until you optimize it. Which is where this module comes in with what many of my students have dubbed the “gold mine” amidst everything I teach. It’s truly that juicy!

In module two, you’re going to learn:

  • How to find, select, and structure keywords to create optimal titles and tags to get your listings in front of more shoppers organically. There are 80 million+ shoppers on Etsy each year. The right keywords get you in front of the right buyers, and your business soars as a result.
  • How to master utilizing the right listing photos to captivate your customer and create the irresistible urge to click and find out more about your product – even amidst a sea of competitors in search results. The competition is no match for expertly chosen listing photos.
  • Overall listing optimization to create the ideal customer experience and sustain a high conversion rate (how effective your listings are at converting browsers into buyers) through description, pricing, shipping (and more) details.


Development is the ever-evolving process of taking your business to new levels all the time. Your shop’s expansion depends on this phase and it’s something I’ve boiled down to an absolute science over the years. It’s one thing to be good at identifying trends and creating good designs… It’s a totally different thing to know how to build a consistent, booming business over time with those trends and designs! This is a piece of the puzzle that most sellers are fully missing and that’s what the development phase is all about.

In module three, you’re going to learn:

  • How to take what you’ve learned in module 1 & 2 and expand on this information by testing, collecting real time data, and building out on what’s working (affectionately coined my “scientist/ detective/gymnast” phases).
  • How to pay close attention to specific signals your customers are sending you about what they’re wanting that most sellers miss entirely.
  • How to continue to smash your goals and develop a strong brand, customer base, and product offering that stands the test of time.

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