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      Ben Adkins – Show And Tell Funnel


      Tired of not having a consistent way to get Digital Marketing Clients?
      Learn the powerful system the you can use to get Digital Marketing clients using cold email reach outs (using 2 very special emails and webpage template).

      The Reason Most People’s Agency’s fail is that they don’t have a consistent way to get new Clients…

      Dear Fellow Expert and Entrepreneur,

      Over the last 8 years, I’ve been busy building a multi-million dollar business online by helping entrepreneurs, from all over the world, grow their bottom lines by leveraging the internet.

      One of the main reasons that I’ve been able to grow my business so fast lies in my ability to “close the deal” more effectively than my competitors. While my competition is sitting around waiting for potential clients to make a decision on whether or not they want to invest in their product or service, I’m already moving
      on to closing the next deal (and then another one after that).

      While most people selling their products and services are spending their time following up with potential clients, I never get stuck with wondering if a client who has said “let me think about it” or “give me just a few weeks” is going to actually sign up.

      What’s my Secret?

      IN SHORT…
      I learned the power of “SHOW AND TELL”.

      More specifically…
      I built a “visual selling system” that allows me to consistently find, attract, and close my ideal types of clients (no matter how busy my life gets outside of my business)… by leveraging the power of personalized cold emails.

      Let me explain…

      I’d like to walk you exactly through

      – Exactly how I’m deciding on who to send my 10 emails to each week.
      – Exactly what I write in the emails that I send to each of these business owners.
      – The exact examples that I send of my work that help me get these cold prospects interested in what I can do for them.
      – The special “sales page” that I link them to that showcases the examples of my work (but also helps to convert them into buyers directly from the sales page)
      – The cool little tool that I use to track opens of my special emails that trigger me to follow up with those business owners in a special way.
      – The step-by-step system that I use to follow up with the 10 folks that I email each week that skyrockets my conversions on these emails (This is the thing that most people don’t do that leaves a fortune on the table.)
      – The exact training that I rocked with a new employee so that I didn’t even have to send out the 10 emails myself anymore (and how I get away with paying them $400/month to send out these emails for me).
      – How you can use this method to methodically lock down clients from all over the United States (even if you don’t live in the US).


      • 01-Welcome to The Show and Tell Funnel!
        • 02-Local Pipeline

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