André Chaperon – Modern Marketing System

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Modern Marketing System (aka “The System”). We find ourselves at a threshold — a changing of the guard — because the ‘Game of Marketing’ is about to change…

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André Chaperon – Modern Marketing System

Modern Marketing System (aka “The System”)

There’s no template — each MMS student will create their own unique puzzle pieces as it relates to their unique business. But they all HAVE to fit together systemically to get results.

‘The System’ Is For People:

  • Who have expertise to share, who create value for others from their own experience.
  • People who want to profit from the value they have to share with an audience who values that work enough to pay for it (and love enough to tell others about).
  • Willing to do the work to achieve their goals and dreams.
  • People who care about solving real problems in unique and interesting ways.
  • People who have a serve-first customer-centric mentality. Who recognize that when they serve first, they get paid (well) and earn financial freedom as a result of that service.

People Who Want:

  • Control over their lives. (Knowing that tomorrow will be better than today, next month better than last month.)
  • Pride in their results. For themselves, and for the people they care about serving.
  • Lifestyle that reflects their values. (Dan Sullivan’s 4 Freedoms: time, money, relationships, and purpose.)
  • Feel good about how they’re showing up in the world.

‘The System’ Is NOT For People:

  • ‘The System’ is not for the ‘get rich quick’ crowd looking for hacks, secrets, and loopholes to make a quick buck. (Read the four P.S. sections in our Modern Marketing Manifesto series.)
  • Unwilling to do the work.
  • Perpetually looking for the new shiny thing rather than doing the things that work.

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