Todd V – Verbal Game Academy

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Discover Todd’s fully optimized verbal game toolbox…How I consistently get women attracted, aroused, intrigued, and flat out chasing me…….with effortless consistency, while being authentic to my true personality

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Todd V – Verbal Game Academy

What you’ll learn in‍ “Verbal Game Academy” :

Discover Todd’s fully optimized verbal game toolbox…How I consistently get women attracted, aroused, intrigued, and flat out chasing me…….with effortless consistency, while being authentic to my true personality.


I give you my complete verbal game skill set I use in absolutely every single conversation. Tools that I’ve used with unimaginable success for years.


I teach you the psychology of female communication and show you how to make an impact on an emotional and sexual level.


I teach you how to custom tailor verbal game technique to your own life and interactions so that women can fall for the real you.


For the past two decades, my almost obsessive focus on verbal game has brought me some of the most insane success with women and dating.‍

​Success I would never get naturally.

​I simply leave my house, walk up to a woman, and know exactly what to say at every turn of the conversation to make sparks fly.​

A conversation that can end in a number of great relationship options (of my choosing).

​I’m a pretty introverted guy and honestly, this is just all way too easy at this point. I would never want to just keep it all to myself.

​I constantly coach smart, successful, dedicated guys that are focused on the wrong things in game.

​I see students making easily fixable mistakes, getting lost and confused by esoteric mumbo-jumbo, and fumbling conversation after conversation.

​The reality is that most guys simply need to focus on building a practical skillset that makes game easy.

​Once that happens, success always follows.


Before you dive into the action-based 8-week portion of the academy, you first must master the fundamentals of communication, female psychology and the underpinnings of game.

What is verbal game? Why does it work?

-Understand the practical underpinning of why verbal game works

​-Learn how it can be used to massively increase your success rate with women and dating.

The psychology of arousal and attraction.

-Know what exactly turns women on

​-Learn what gets women attracted?

​-Control conversational cues you give off to directly affect how women see you.

How to be consistently effective with women.

-Optimize an approach that works best with you

​-Get you the women and dating life you want.

​-The critical mindset behind getting massive results.

Todd’s step-by-step conversational system.

-Learn highly effective Verbal Game system for structuring conversations from open to close

​-Maximize your ability to create attraction in every verbal encounter you have with women

Non-verbal game – How to make your words count

-Learn how to use PHRASING, TIMING, EYE-CONTACT and DELIVERY to dramatically transform the way you and your words are perceived by women.

​-Learn the most powerful non-verbal approaches that work.

High-value social projection

-Women need to actually hear you in order to respond to what you’re saying.

​-Learn how to easily fix any vocal projection issues you might have

​-Speak in a way that projects high status/value every time

Building a narrative of “You and her together”

-Women want to be taken on an emotional journey that ends with a happy ending.

​-Learn how to create a narrative for your interaction that makes her see you as prime relationship material (either for the night or for life).

How to be authentic

-Learn how to be authentic in your verbal encounters.

​-Todd teaches you how to apply the concepts in Verbal Game Academy to your own unique personality.

​-Make verbal game a deeply rooted subconscious skill.

What Verbal Game Academy CAN DO FOR YOU:


Talking to women becomes effortless once you internalize the tools and techniques of verbal game. At every point in the conversation, from open to close, you’ll know exactly what to say to get the interaction moving in the right direction. No more confusion or running out of things to say.


Every time you talk to a woman, you’ll be fully prepared with a set of practical skills that are designed to get real results. From attraction, through investment, narrative-building and even closing, you’ll know exactly how to reach success. Verbal game is about what works.


Real confidence comes from knowing that you’re the kind of man that knows how to take action, persevere and succeed in the end. After you complete the 8-week action academy, you’ll be armed with a wealth of experiences that most men can’t even imagine. Experiences that you’ll have for the rest of your life

Verbal Game Academy - Todd V



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