Michael Simmos – Mental Model Club Flagship

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Mental Model Club Flagship – The Secret “Thinking Tool” To Learn Faster, Make Better Decisions, Grow Your Business & Career, and Succeed In Life

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Michael Simmos – Mental Model Club Flagship

Mental Model Club Flagship – The Secret “Thinking Tool” To Learn Faster, Make Better Decisions, Grow Your Business & Career, and Succeed In Life

Introducing The Mental Model Club

If you’re starting to understand the power of mental models, and you’re ready to go to the next level and learn the most important mental models to create success in your life, then I’d like to invite you to join our Mental Model Club.

Inside, every month you’ll learn the most important mental models and how to apply them to your life — in just a few hours per month.

The Mental Model Club is an online course, community, and membership that teaches you the most valuable and useful mental models. We have almost 1,500 members from around the world, and we’re growing fast.

Inside the Mental Model Club, you’ll…

Learn Key Mental Models

Learn key mental models that are most critical for professional success (without feeling overwhelmed by all of the distracting information out there)

Apply Mental Models Automatically

Automatically apply mental models in your professional and personal life, without having to remember what you learned

Use The Right Mental Model

Use the right mental model in the right situation every time, so that you can think faster, smarter, make better decisions, get the results you want

Avoid 99% of The Mistakes

Avoid painful thinking and decision-making mistakes that set us back (most people aren’t even aware of these, because they are so hidden inside their minds)

Here’s What You Get

Your Monthly Mastery Manual

Every month, you receive one mental model online — in the form of a high-quality, comprehensive guide. I call it a Mastery Manual. It’s the most condensed, in-depth explanation of any mental model that exists in the entire world. We take the best of what’s ever been said about the mental model, cut out all of the fluff, and organize it in a way that is easy and fast to learn.

In each Mastery Manual, you learn… 

  • A 101 Overview of the mental model (why it’s important, how it works, vocabulary, etc.)
  • An advanced overview to give you the high-level summary, then an in-depth report that includes a more nuanced explanation
  • Examples, tricks, and hacks you can use to apply the mental model to every area of your life and career
  • Exercises, resources, & templates that you can use on a daily basis to integrate lessons in the manual and get results in your life.

Your Monthly Masterclass

To help you learn your mental model knowledge faster, you also get a high quality, pre-recorded masterclass of the month’s mental model. The monthly masterclass is deliberately designed as a standalone resource, so that you can get value right away — well, in just one hour of listening to it.

Here’s what you get in each pre-recorded masterclass  

  • Concise “80/20” overview of the mental model: To help you understand and apply the mental model on a deeper level, I explain the most important ideas.
  • Walkthrough of mental model exercises: I handpick exercises in the Mastery Manual, and coach you on using them.
  • My answers to other Mental Model Club members’ questions: These are often common questions that people have about the mental model.

Private Online Community

This is where you can meet other Mental Model Club members to learn from each other. Mental Model Club students are typically successful entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives, coaches, consultants, and other “cultural creatives.”


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