Lesley Phillips – Clairsentience Development

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The Clairsentience Development Course helps you master your gift of clear feeling. You receive tools to manage your emotional energy, own and protect your space, As well as guided meditations to release emotional programming and foreign energy.

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Lesley Phillips – Clairsentience Development

The Clairsentience Development Course helps you master your gift of clear feeling. You receive tools to manage your emotional energy, own and protect your space, As well as guided meditations to release emotional programming and foreign energy. You will learn to interpret your gut feelings, and discern them from other people’s emotional signals. It is a 10 week online course with live sessions, recorded content, and written support materials.

What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Access to all the course materials. Begin immediately. The course takes 3 months. Once you have practiced the techniques in the Practical Meditation Bonus Course, you can start Module 1 of this course. Then attend your first live Q&A to share your experiences, receive help and ask questions. You will master your gut feelings, heal and protect your energy, master your second chakra and its psychic gift of clairsentience.

Lessons and Meditations

Psychic development occurs through experience and practice. You will learn concepts, and information through prerecorded lessons. Then practice specific energy techniques by listening to guided meditations. These energy tools are ancient mystery teachings proven to stimulate your psychic senses. You will also use them to change your beliefs, release your blocks and shift your reality. Each module includes a main teaching, with guided meditations to support your growth. You are required to meditate daily to anchor the teachings and continue to change your energy.

Live Teaching 

The optional weekly live group sessions give you the opportunity to interact with the teacher. You can ask questions, receive help, share your progress and learn from other students experiences. The groups are small, intimate and safe. They begin and end with a short meditation. Impromptu teachings are delivered to address what arises in the moment. Unlike other courses the focus is on you. If you get stuck you receive assistance to ensure your success. The live sessions last for 60 minutes, sometimes longer. They are recorded and posted in the course console for you to review.

Course Materials

This course includes 10 modules with practical empath training exercises and guided meditations to unblock, activate and practice your clairsentience. There are PDF instructions and exercise sheets. As well as audio-video meditations designed to support your growth and shift your consciousness. Course materials are in multiple formats, such as videos of main teachings, and downloadable audio files so you can listen from any device, anywhere you wish. 

Community Support

You will be supported to use what you learn and are encouraged to have a daily meditation practice, while taking the course. You get access to the course for longer than the ten week intensive, so you can study beyond the course timeline. As well as a Private Facebook Group for course students, where you can post inspirations, revelations and questions that come up in between the live sessions. There is also an optional bonus Buddy System. You can request pairing with another student so you can provide accountability, support and encouragement for one another.

Here’s what’s in the course

10 steps to transcend emotional overwhelm by developing your psychic gift of clear feeling!

Module 1: Introduction to Clairsentience

This psychic gift helps you tune into your bodies emotional messages so you can respond to its needs. Commonly experienced as gut feelings, it can also alert you to danger and opportunities. It also helps you relate to other people’s feelings through empathy. Opening this gift involves emotional challenges. Whatever your situation, start the journey now to turn your weakness into an amazing strength.

  • Discover your clairsentience set point
  • Learn the benefits of emotional intuition
  • Set your goals for developing your clairsentience

Module 2: Second Chakra and its Growth Cycles

Your second chakra governs feelings. You must gain seniority with it to access your clairsentience. This involves overcoming emotional and sexual challenges first.

Second chakra growth cycles can involve your relationship with yourself and others. As well as false beliefs about love, sex, emotions. Or overcoming confusion about your true feelings versus the needs of friends and preferences of family members.

  • Cleanse your emotional body
  • Present time your second chakra
  • Review past time emotional challenges

Module 3: Your Body and Stored Emotions

Clairsentience helps you tune into to your body’s emotional messages. If you don’t it may shout louder and develop physical symptoms. We are meant to let emotions flow, and become sick when we deny, ignore or resist them. Emotional wounds stored in your body act as a reality filter. You experience yourself, others, and create your life through distortion. Others see you through your pain. Your sense clear feeling can help you improve body awareness, and clear emotional baggage.

  • Know your emotional patterns
  • Find out where you store old emotions
  • Heal emotional pain to create your best life

Module 4: Being Aware of Your Own Emotions

Body and spirit must communicate to be in alignment. Developing clairsentience lets you feel your emotions so you can be in charge of your reality and respond to your bodies needs. Many people are not in touch with their feelings. If you are not in charge of them, your emotions rule you. Your emotional awareness is increased by cultivating clairsentience. You can master emotional neutrality through clairvoyance. Using both is the key to transcend emotional confusion and denial.

  • Consciously shift your emotions
  • Gain seniority over how you feel
  • Let go of patterns that prevent emotional acceptance

Module 5: How Relationships Impact Clairsentience

To be clear enough to read others, your psychic journey must involve healing. You must clear energy and beliefs that aren’t yours. You were programmed from an early age by caregivers. You’ve been influenced by family, friends, peers, authority figures, culture, religion, and other groups throughout your life. You’ve interacted with these people and stored their emotional energy in your space. You must learn to separate your energy from theirs to clear the confusion and overwhelm and own your space.

  • Use energy tools to release other’s emotions
  • Systematically clear foreign energy from your space
  • Make energetic separations and use psychic protection tools

Module 6: What People do With Their Emotional Energy

Most people are unaware their emotional energy spreads out when they are under duress. This is why feelings can seem contagious. Ever been with a sad person, who shared their discomfort, so much you experienced it too? Or felt the wrath of an angry one who threw their hate at you. Or someone so afraid you felt scared too. Unless you develop your clairsentience you may think its your fear, anger or sadness. and make inappropriate life decisions based on the wrong feelings.

  • Remove energy cords and attachments
  • Protect yourself from emotional-psychic attack
  • Discern your emotional energy versus another’s

Module 7 – Purpose and Misuse of Sexuality 

The second chakra governs the powerful body aspects of emotions and sexuality. When aligned, the sex drive provides a biological function and an outlet for human creative expression. It can become distorted due to abuse and programming. In which case you may attract unpleasant experiences and relationship challenges. People consciously and unconsciously misuse sexuality to control others. You must heal these influences so you can make your own choices.

  • Heal past time experiences
  • Be clear about your bodies needs
  • Remove programming that influenced your sexuality

Module 8: Clairsentience and Psychic Readings

Your gut feelings can tell you a lot about a person, place or situation. So long as your energy and second chakra are clear you can incorporate clairsentience in readings for yourself and others. It can be a powerful emotional reality indicator when combined with the neutrality of your clairvoyance. This must be supported by daily energy hygiene so that you can stay healthy and prevent foreign energy invasion.

  • Safely sense other people’s emotions
  • Use clairvoyance and clairsentience to read emotions
  • Discover your bodies innate sensitivity to emotional energy

Module 9: Emotional Expression

You expressed emotions before you could think or speak. Once you learned to talk, you used language to explain your emotions to others. Emotions and thoughts became intertwined. You explained your feelings in a way that made others comfortable. Or you let your intellect dominate your emotions. You can experience emotions without interfering thoughts, and heal the barriers to expressing your emotions clearly.

  • Heal barriers to emotional expression.
  • Experience emotions without thoughts
  • Clear misunderstandings about love, sex, and relationships

Module 10: Apply Clairsentience to Your Life

Others are mirrors for your beliefs and life experiences. An Enlightened Empath uses emotionally charged interactions with others as a tool for reflection and growth. No longer a victim, you become a powerful agent of transformation capable of healing yourself and helping others heal. You will create a road map to continue your psychic development journey, integrate your learning into everyday life and accelerate your emotional evolution.

  • Validate your growth
  • Learn to process matching experiences
  • Determine your path and plan your future

Bonus Module: Discussion Videos

We are all mirrors for one another. You can accelerate your growth when you are exposed to other people’s transformation process. Learn from other students who have taken the course as they share stories of their challenges and growth. Listen and clear your matching experiences as the teacher answers their questions, instructs them in energy techniques and assists them to work through their blocks.

  • Continue to transform
  • Process matching experiences
  • Practice reading others

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