Dr. Joe Dispenza – Redesigning Your Destiny

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In this exciting course, New York Times best-selling author Dr Joe Dispenza opens your eyes to your innate power to change every single aspect of your life—starting at the cellular level.

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Dr. Joe Dispenza – Redesigning Your Destiny


COURSE DESCRIPTION 7-Lesson Online Course with Dr Joe Dispenza


  • A scientifically based experiential program designed to heal your body and your life
  • Powerful video and audio meditations that stretch you beyond the parameters of time and space, and connect you with Source
  • Mind-blowing stories of real-life healing and life-altering experiences as a consequence of doing the work in this course
  • Precise instructions on how to do “the breath”—a technique that will take your meditations to the next level


  • The essential truth that rests at the core of his life’s work—that you have the power to shift your life by shifting your thoughts—and lays out the basic science to prove it.
  • What exactly that connection means in real life—and how to enhance it even more.
  • The energy centers which your health is controlled by and how to focus them.
  • About the concept of shifting your awareness from matter to energy in order to bring the future into the now.
  • Information about how to tap into multiple dimensions, each of which contains a different potential reality, in order to choose whichever reality you desire.

COURSE EXPERT – Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe’s passion can be found at the intersection of the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics to explore the science behind spontaneous remissions. He uses that knowledge to teach people how to heal their bodies of health conditions, make significant changes in their lives, and evolve their consciousness.

Since 2010, he has partnered with scientists and universities to perform extensive research on the effects that meditation has on the brain and body. During his advanced retreats around the world, his team has gathered more than 12,000 brain scans (quantitative QEEG) and 8,000 heart-rate variability measurements (HRV) in an attempt to correlate the effects that sustained elevated emotions and self-regulation have on heart and brain function, immune response, and overall mind-body health.

He and his team have also studied gene expression, protein regulation, immune response, neurotransmitter changes, telomere length, and variations in bioactive cellular metabolic particles in both novice and advanced meditators. As a New York Times best-selling author, researcher, lecturer, and corporate consultant, Dr Joe’s research has led him to develop a practical formula to help people transform their lives.

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