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Offering Online Courses, Membership Sites, Workshops, and Coaching Programs Can Help You Create Consistent Income Month-after-Month AND Help You Break Free from Your Soul Sucking Schedule!

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Coach Glue – VIP Pass

Coach Glue

About Melissa Ingold & Nicole Dean

We originally started Coach Glue under another name in 2010, and rebranded under the Coach Glue name in May of 2013.

We are highly skilled marketers with a combined experience of over 30 years running successful online businesses.

The best part about these two friends is that they share one important commonality. Both of these highly profitable ladies spend more time out of their offices than in them, preferring to live life, laugh often, and make memories.

Their love of building a lifestyle based business has led to the creation of all the wonderful resources available at Coach Glue. Their mission is to help business owners just like you to make more money, without working so darn hard.

Finally Press START on Your Launch Using our Done-for-You Content to Whip Up Beautiful Courses, Membership Sites, Workshops, and Coaching Programs with Speed & Ease!

The Difference Between a Coach Who Makes $40k/year and One Who Makes $100+k/year is SCALABILITY!

Of course, you love coaching your 1:1 clients. That’s a given.

But the available time and space for said clients?

Well, that’s about to max out.

And if you’re reallllly honest with yourself, you kinda don’t think you wanna take on anymore 1:1 clients.

eek! A wee bit scary, but #truth.

Cause deep down, you want to go big.

Like really freaking BIG!

You want to be a hot as hell 6-figure coach who is blazing a fire all across planet internet with your awesomeness (without alllll the OMG cray-cray demands on your time)!

Psssst! Wanna know what you can whip up to scale your coaching business?

Well quite clearly you do and in any case, we simply cannot NOT tell you.

Offering Online Courses, Membership Sites, Workshops, and Coaching Programs Can Help You Create Consistent Income Month-after-Month AND Help You Break Free from Your Soul Sucking Schedule!

And that’s where we come in!

We’ve created content and programs – so all the hard work has already been done for you!

You Don’t Have to…

  • Find and hire good contractors to outsource your content, graphics and sales copy to.
  • Train your contractors and manage them.
  • Organize scheduling and worry about deadlines.
  • Wait weeks, even months, to get your project completed and launched.
  • Handle bookkeeping and pay out thousands of dollars to your contractors.

Smart business coaches are investing in quality coaching programs that have already been created – saving themselves thousands of dollars, hassles, and time!

Successful 6- and 7-figure Business Coaches Buy Our Ready-to-Go Programs, Brand Them, Package them as Group Coaching Programs and Sell Them to Their Stadium of Raving Fans – Earning Back Their

Investment Over and Over and Over!

Many of our clients have painlessly created coaching & training programs by combining our content and their brilliance – some adding tens of thousands of dollars of passive income to their businesses without working so hard.

In fact, many of them finally broke through to 6-figures because they created programs that they can sell to their clients over and over again!

And they’re loving our VIP program that has become their complete toolbox for developing money-making products and programs like:

  • Monthly Group Coaching Programs
  • Digital Courses + Bootcamps
  • Mastermind Retreats in Exotic Locations
  • Live Workshops & Virtual Webinars
  • Facebook Livestreams
  • Private High-End Coaching Programs

We provide high-quality content that you can pull from to fast-track your product creation – NO starting from scratch!

You have permission to copy this content and use it in your products, you can edit it, you can add to it, you can put your name on it, you can brand it to your business, and so much more.

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