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This CrossFit inspired training focuses on how you can become faster, stronger, and have more endurance with correct and conscious breathing.

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Stig Severinsen – Breatheology Advanced

Breatheology Advanced – The Advanced Course has been created by combining all of the information from our best-selling Fundamentals Course, higher level education from our Certified Instructor Course plus more.

The Advanced Course includes newly produced and highly requested targeted coaching protocols in the “Profiles in Breathing” section.  These protocols were created personally by Stig and Sean Coakley, Global Master Instructor, and organized in the following profile areas: Optimizing Performance, Strengthening Health, and Improving Stress Resilience.

In addition and based on his personal training and world record level performances Stig shares the importance of achieving the “Flow State” as part of your physical, mental and emotional training so you can become your best self.

Last but not least we have added even more value for you by including 3 specific training to enhance your training even further:

“Super Human Lungs”, “Breath and Movement Coordination for High Performance” and “Ultimate Water Survival”

Please note this course is open to anyone with an interest in reaching their highest levels of performance.

For all students interested in becoming a Certified Breatheology Instructor this course is a formal prerequisite and it is required for these committed students to pass an examination at the end of this course in order to be accepted in the Instructor Course.

Our team is ready to answer any and all questions you might have during the course and wishes you success in your personal journey.


Breatheology Fundamentals

Breatheology Fundamentals is my most effective course are built to raise your daily energy, teach you to “relax on demand” and recover from illness faster through conscious breathing, visualization and relaxations exercises.

You will be able to create your own training program with the exercises the fits your body and daily routines.

Breatheology Fundamentals training is about getting new good breathing habits. Like any other habits, it takes training, practice and time. That’s why it’s a guided program that you can complete in 6-12 weeks. That’s the time it takes to go through the exercises, practice the techniques and acquire the new good breathing habits. But then you feel the transformation.

Advanced – Lessons Overview

The Science Of Breathing

Take a deep breath and get ready to learn about the Anatomy and Physiology of breathing.  You will be learning detailed information that until recently we reserved for our Certified Instructors course.

Knowing more about the “science” of breathing helps create confidence in your training.  As you begin to learn more about the mechanics and chemistry your motivation for breath training will grow and you will have a deeper understanding of the benefits the Breatheology Method will provide.

Profiles in Breathing

In this section we will be introducing you to three unique mini-courses (if you will) based on the 3 profile areas that we serve in the Breatheology Method;

Optimized Performance, Strengthening Health, and Improved Stress Resilience.

We’ve received numerous requests over the past few years and for the first time in our history, we are going to be sharing with you some of the training protocols that until now were reserved for those learning to become teachers in our certified instructor program.


Flow is a state of mind, it is something we can all experience yet not everyone knows how to enter Flow in a fast and efficient way.  The term was coined by sports psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

It is a state of being that is a way of being present in life and Flow is a state of perfection when you don’t have an ego or notion of time and you are just expanding into the universe.

In Breatheology it is like our “holy grail” because we use the connection between the body and mind to lead you through the nervous system whether sympathetic or parasympathetic to faster achieve the State of Flow

You will learn different breath-holding techniques, breathing techniques, imagery, relaxation and just ways to enter Flow more efficiently.

SUPERHUMAN LUNGS – Chest & Lungs Expansion Program

Short and effective 4 & 7-minute training programs that will increase your diaphragmatic flexibility and “powerhouse” explosiveness like no other.

This special program is showing – for the first time – some of the exercises Stig Severinsen has used while training for his 22 minutes Guinness World Record breath hold underwater.

The exercises can be done anywhere. So you don´t need a gym.


This CrossFit inspired training focuses on how you can become faster, stronger, and have more endurance with correct and conscious breathing.

What you will learn in these exercises

  • Learn to coordinate breathing with movements so gain core stability and more oxygen to your body so you can do more repetitions.
  • Once you learn the fundamentals skills you can apply them to other exercises.
  • The main focus is on breathing and how to increase your movement and performance.
  • It is designed with 12 exercises to improve the 10 Physical Skills and will improve any athletic performance.



The Ultimate Water Survival Course will make you a safer, stronger and more skilled water person and be able to assist in case of emergency.


  • Dangers, Rescue & First Aid
  • The Diving Reflex
  • Diving Technique & Practice
  • Mental Training & Peak Performance
  • Yoga, Relaxation & “Meditation Underwater”
  • Training Drills


The Breatheology book gives you step-by-step guidance and helps you build your own personal program that suits your daily life and needs in a perfect way.

  • Gain more energy in your daily life
  • Become better at managing stress in work and daily situations
  • Optimize your sport performances
  • Avoid illnesses and get well faster
  • Minimize chronic or transient pain
  • Become happier and more positive
  • Live a healthier and longer life


The Meditation audio by Stig Severinsen for your music library

This 12 minute Breathing Meditation Audio Brings:

  • A Relaxed Body & Mind
  • The Ability To Focus 100%
  • A Simple Technique To De-Stress
  • Higher Energy Levels
  • Improved Breathing Pattern
  • A Sense Of Wellbeing & Peace
  • Constant Access To A “Secret” Tool


Free access to free extra mini courses

Breathing Meditation – Controlling the “Monkey Mind”

The mind is difficult to control. In the ancient Indian traditions this is know as a “monkey mind” – jumping here and there. Learn to regulate your breathing and discover how you can conquer an uneasy mind. With a little bit of daily training you will quickly feel great improvement in focus, creativity and daily energy levels. The Breathing meditation practice is also a great way improve your stress resilience.

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