Jared Powell – The Complete Shoulder Physio

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The Complete Shoulder Physio – Confidently treat shoulder pain patients with our comprehensive, clear and practical online course.

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Jared Powell – The Complete Shoulder Physio

The Complete Shoulder Physio – Confidently treat shoulder pain patients with our comprehensive, clear and practical online course

Introducing The Complete Shoulder Online Course

In this 16-module online program – created by an expert shoulder pain researcher, educator and PhD candidate – you’ll discover a distillation of the evidence base for shoulder pain management, equipping you with up-to-date knowledge and techniques you can apply immediately in clinic to achieve better patient outcomes.

It’s suitable for practitioners with all levels of experience, including:

Students and new grads

Hit the ground running with the knowledge and practical skills to safely and effectively manage shoulder pain patients, even those with tricky presentations.

Experienced professionals

Hone your skills and develop an advanced understanding that establishes you as a practitioner of choice for shoulder pain patients. Discover why some of the techniques you were taught work and why others don’t; add new, evidence-based interventions to your repertoire; and deliver enhanced client care.

Those returning to work or moving into musculoskeletal practice

Step into your new role with confidence that you can capably handle any person with a shoulder problem who books in to see you.

What you’ll learn

In 16 clear, self-paced and engaging modules, you’ll develop a deep understanding and actionable assessment and treatment strategies to use immediately in the clinic to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

You’ll gain:

  • A clear pathway for structuring your subjective examination to efficiently extract the most important information from your patients
  • The ability to perform a thorough, targeted physical examination based on contemporary research, knowing what to include in your exam and why
  • A firm grasp on relevant research into the epidemiology, aetiology and management of common shoulder conditions – including rotator cuff pain, shoulder instability and frozen shoulder
  • An understanding of pain and its relationship to shoulder patho-anatomy and the utility (or otherwise) of radiological imaging the skills to confidently establish a differential diagnosis and devise treatment plans
  • In-depth knowledge of the evidence for exercise therapy, surgery and injection therapy, how they compare to each other, and key predictors of clinical outcomes
  • A strong grip on the principles behind exercise prescription for managing shoulder problems across all recovery phases – from day 1 acute through to end stage return to sport/regular activity
  • The ability to confidently ascertain suitable recovery times frames and share this information with your patients
  • The assurance of knowing you can provide evidence-based assessment and treatment using a biopsychosocial approach for patients from all walks of life, including when to refer on and when to manage patients yourself
  • The satisfaction of being able to help more people and seeing your patients achieve their goals
  • The expertise to establish a reputation for excellence in shoulder pain management, helping you get more referrals and build a strong career or practice.

About your presenter Jared Powell – The Shoulder Physio

Strengthen your knowledge and skills to effectively manage shoulder patients with leading shoulder pain educator, researcher, PhD candidate and physiotherapist, Jared Powell.

Jared is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist from the Gold Coast, Australia.

Since qualifying in 2012, Jared has had a special interest in the shoulder joint. He has undertaken significant study and research in this area and is currently completing a shoulder-pain-related PhD at Bond University.

Jared’s shoulder research and educational materials have been published in high-quality, peer-reviewed journals, along with several orthopaedic and musculoskeletal textbooks.

Jared leans strongly on scientific evidence in his clinical practice and research, leading to many early mornings and late nights geeking out on the latest research!

Jared teaches his shoulder workshops both in Australia and internationally to much acclaim. More than 700 students from 42 countries have taken his online courses. Jared is also a visiting lecturer at Bond University, where he teaches the shoulder to physiotherapy students.

Jared believes in the inherent adaptability and strength of human beings – a belief strongly backed by scientific literature.

As such, Jared approaches shoulder pain management on the pillars of tailored therapeutic exercise and patient-centred education.

As a researcher and a clinician, Jared not only has in-depth knowledge of shoulder pain and dysfunction – he also understands the everyday practicalities of applying evidence in the clinic.

This ensures his courses are not only informative and educational but also practical, providing insights and strategies you can immediately apply to help your patients achieve better outcomes.

When Jared’s nose isn’t in a shoulder (metaphorically speaking), he loves hanging out with his young family, lifting weights, golf, and surfing some of the best beaches on the planet (yep, you’re allowed to be jealous!).

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