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Tired of Seeing Everyone Brag About Their 10x, 50x, 100x Gains While You Are Once Again Left Hodling The (Empty) Bag?

Using This System Its Nothing For Us to See 3-4x Gains on a Coin In As Little as 7 Days…

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James Sides – Pancake Profits Course

STOP – Frustrated You Missed Out on the Crypto ‘Gold Rush?’

“Tired of Seeing Everyone Brag About Their 10x, 50x, 100x Gains While You Are Once Again Left Hodling The (Empty) Bag?”

Are you frustrated right now?

Watching every Tom, Dick and Harry cash in on massive crypto ‘pumps’?

And by the time you hear about them, you are left hodling an empty bag?

So many pump n’ dumps out there rug pulling their way to the bank.

Except YOU keep getting left with a big fat ZERO.

Let me be perfectly clear, once you hear about a new coin on TikTok, IT’S ALREADY TOO LATE.

Sure there are a few exceptions to that rule but you are being taken advantage of.


Don’t feel bad though. I’ve got caught more than once myself.

In fact, anyone who tells you they haven’t been caught is flat out lying to you.

Nobody’s perfect.

But, there actually IS a way to drastically improve our odds of success.


Forget Everything You Think You Know About Traditional Finance

For the past several years I’ve dedicated myself to developing rinse/repeat systems that work in any market on Earth.

This system has given me the ability to ‘predict’ when a coin is about to ‘pop’ before Joe Blow on the corner has even heard of said coin.

Before Elon starts trolling the crypto space with his twitter posts.

Before the lamestream media tells unsuspecting retail investors to ‘fomo’ in…

Bottom line:

BEFORE the demand has pushed the price of the coin to unreasonable levels.

Its not magic.

Its not a crystal ball.

Its a simple system that works because its based on one simple premise…

Markets are driven by human emotions.

More specifically, fear/greed.


“Using This System Its Nothing For Us to See 3-4x Gains on a Coin In As Little as 7 Days…”

Maybe you’ve head of Pancake swaps.

Maybe you haven’t.

Bottom line, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter, is how it changes the entire trading game.

Strategies that allowed us to enter into positions and ride them for 2-10x gains have always existed.

But, the catch was, in traditional markets this often took years, if not decades.

In crypto, it often took months, if not years.

That was months/years/decades of holding an asset and hoping it went up the way you thought it might.

That was months/years/decades of having your funds tied up waiting for your profit targets to hit.

But suddenly, with Pancake swaps, what used to take months/years/decades can be achieved in hours/days.

We’re witnessing entire market cycles play out within a matter of days.

In short, this gives us an opportunity to compound our returns very VERY quickly.

I’m talking about the types of returns that will make your head spin.

The kind of money that can literally change a person’s entire life.


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