NXT Level FX – Investors Domain

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  • Course’s name: NXT Level FX – Investors Domain
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NXT Level FX – Investors Domain


What Will You Get?

  • 84+ “No Fluff” Training Videos
  • ​ Discord Chat Room & Alerts
  • ​Detailed and Straight To The Point
  • ​Designed To Make Learning Efficient & Effective
  • ​Built In Depth Visuals, Screen Shares, Tours and More
  • ​How To Identify The Same Trade opportunities as me
  • Learn The Forex Patterns That I Use Daily
  • ​Exactly When To Take Profit and Stop Loss
  • ​Proper Risk Management
  • ​Growing Small Account A-Z
For those that don’t know, I switched from trading the Stock Market to the Forex Market… Why? Simple. I got sick and tired of the lack of volume each morning, pump & dumps, market manipulation, U.S Brokers, restrictions, SSR, the list goes on & on! At first, I was skeptical about Forex Trading due to the amount of bullshit SCAMMERS out there. But once I learned Forex Trading from a REAL Forex Trader (my cousin) and took the leap of faith I never looked back and knew that this was legit after receiving the proper education.

The truth is everything. As I have mentioned, Forex has been given a bad name but the funny thing is… I was NOT born into Forex! I am a veteran Penny Stock Trader; which is 10X harder than Forex. On top of that, I have taught over 500 students in the past 5 years how to successfully trade Stocks.

I never intended on creating a Forex course or to pursue educating on it, but I have received numerous and frequent requests from my previous Stock Market students to produce this kind of valuable and straightforward content. Previous and current students of mine have been able to rely on my easy to follow teaching methods and my transparent, genuine reputation.  Agreeably, learning Forex Trading from me would be the most reliable, easy to understand and successful route to take so  NXT Level Forex was born.

I’ve created NXT Level Forex to take you to the next level into Forex Trading! Whether you’re a beginner or current Forex Trader, I will take you step-by-step through the entire process in my detailed lessons and continuously test you along the way with quizzes. I am a huge supporter of education and a huge believer in growing with added value.

You may ask, can’t I just learn this online for free? So…YES…of course! There is a ton of information that is free on Google and YouTube. But it all can be overwhelming, difficult to understand or misleading and ask yourself… Are these free resources reliable and credible? Is the information explained in an easy to understand way with added real life experiences of mistakes and successes to learn from and is there proof of accomplishing proven results and success of the educator as well as students via testimonials?

More often than not, no.

As mentioned above, I have taught over 500+ students already how to trade Stocks and now I am taking them to the NXT Level with Forex Trading!

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