Momentum Signals Training Course – Fulcrum Trader

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Momentum Signals Training Course – Algorithmic Trading With MOMENTUM Based Trade Entries

  • Course’s name: Momentum Signals Training Course – Fulcrum Trader
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Momentum Signals Training Course – Fulcrum Trader

Momentum Signals Training Course – Algorithmic Trading With MOMENTUM Based Trade Entries.

Recorded live training sessions that cover the Fulcrum Trader Delta and Momentum based trade entry setups for intraday trading. The Fulcrum Trader videos were updated in 2010 and the same concepts apply the same in today’s markets because traders are still entering their trades at the Bid or at the Ask. The only difference is that more platforms are beginning to offer Cumulative Delta as a standard charting type.

Five recorded two hour sessions that cover:

  • Momentum Signals Training
  • Trading Plan Requirements
  • Steps necessary to build up an Algorithmic Trading System for discretionary trading
  • Exact steps building up the Momentum based trade setup
  • How to write out the specific trade plan for the trade entry/management criteria
  • Critical criteria for high probability trade entries for the Momentum trade
  • How to manage the trades after entry

About Fulcrum Trader

Specializing in Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis

We offer video courses on Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis

What is Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis?

In a nutshell, Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis provides the behind the scenes look at what is going on behind the price bar. In other words, it truly shows whether they are buying the low or selling the high.

Market Order Driven Order Flow Identifies the Hidden Buyers and Sellers

The commercial institutions do not enter the market using limit orders. Instead, they pulsate their orders into the market using market orders. Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis captures these market orders as they are initiated (which constitute 70% of the commercial institutions’ order flow). Then we can use the Cumulative Delta Volume distributional patterns created by the market order driven order flow to identify the prominent levels in the delta that we can index.

Easily Identify Order Flow Transitioning as it is Happening

Using Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis allows traders to easily identify Order Flow Transitioning (or profound changes in the order flow) as it is happening. Using Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis allows you to see when sellers or buyers lose control. In essence, during these periods, sellers transition to buying the market or buyers transition to selling the market.

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