Ramit Sethi – Advance Connector Package

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The fastest way to land a $10,000 client, get introduced to hiring managers, or meet “impossible to reach” people.

  • Course’s name: Ramit Sethi – Advance Connector Package
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Ramit Sethi – Advance Connector Package

The fastest way to land a $10,000 client, get introduced to hiring managers, or meet “impossible to reach” people.

Introducing: Advanced Connector’s Package

Everybody says: “In life, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Guess what? They’re right.

So you have two choices.

  • 1: You can complain about not being an Ivy League alum with unlimited access to a huge network of powerful friends…
  • 2: Or you can do something about it

Most people sit there and watch from the sidelines while other people get the opportunities they want.

And honestly, who could blame them? Nobody teaches us how to build a network that has our back. Not in school, not at work, not anywhere.

But what if there was a simple, proven system for creating lifelong connections with the right people?

I’m not talking about hanging around “networking events,” stalking people online, or cold-calling strangers. I’m talking about building genuine friendships with people who can change your life.

Today is your chance to secure access to three special IWT courses to build an army of successful people to help you grow your business, get promoted, or find new clients faster than you ever thought possible.

Let me take you from an outsider looking in to a “mover and shaker” with powerful allies for maxing out income, opportunities, and impact in your career.

Course #1: Instant Network

Discover how to build powerful connections with VIPs to get one-on-one mentorship, ongoing introductions, and “skip-the-line” access into the private world of unannounced opportunities and unrivaled perks.

Like I said, it is about who you know. But you don’t need to meet everyone. Surgically identify the right ten people — just 10 — and you can make influential friends most people don’t have a chance to meet…

  • Even if you don’t have an Ivy League education
  • Even if you’re an introvert or reluctant about “networking”
  • Even if you don’t know which VIPs would possibly want to help you
  • Even if you’re not sure you have anything to offer (hint: you do, and they want it)

Course #2: 50 Proven Email Scripts

Next, you’re going to reach inside my “private vault” and use 50 of my best word-for-word email scripts to reach the unreachable, get the ungettable, and send the perfect message — every time.

You’ll see how to:

  • Set up phone calls with “higher-status” people so they make time in their busy schedule to talk to you.
  • Get VIPs to take time out of their busy schedule to meet with you and answer your questions.
  • Double the size and value of your network by asking for recommendations of people to talk to. This script is a lifesaver for people uncomfortable with networking.
  • Want to connect with a VIP who doesn’t know you exist? Reach the unreachable by asking one of your mutual contacts to introduce you.
  • Get a VIP to respond to you — THE SAME DAY.

And that’s just the beginning. You’ll get the actual emails that have built relationships, generated millions of dollars, and saved me thousands of hours while building my business. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t wonder what to say. Know for sure using tested email scripts for getting that critical response.

Course #3: How To Talk To Anybody

Finally, I’m giving you the building blocks to talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time — whether it’s one-on-one or in a group setting, whether you’re trying to strike a business deal, secure a guest post, or even start a friendship.

And unlike other skim-the-surface material, we’ve gone deep into the psychology of conversational skills at the highest levels:

  • The powerful “Invisibility Cloak Method” to break through moments of shyness among strangers
  • My “SETHI Technique” to systematically improve your body language and 10x the impact of your message… without changing a single word
  • My tested system for curating and cultivating your own “Story Toolbox” to tell stories people can’t stop listening to
  • The exact exercises to build up your leadership “muscles” while staying true to your own style and personality
  • A 4-step approach to confidently walk into any event with warmth and charm, leaving people looking around and asking, “Who was that?”

We won’t give you cheesy lines to blurt out in different situations. Instead, we’ll show you how the best test and perfect a conversational style that’s all their own — and how you can, too.

You’re getting over 8 hours of conversation frameworks, tested tactics, word-for-word scripts, scenario plans, and field challenges to practice in real life — all on video, all fully transcribed, all downloadable in audio/video formats.

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