Joey Yap – Grow Rich with Bazi 3.0 (Plus)

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Grow Rich with Bazi is not a program about how other people have gotten rich in the past. It’s a step-by-step program that’ll let you discover your very own, customized path to getting rich in the present.

  • Course’s name: Joey Yap – Grow Rich with Bazi 3.0 (Plus)
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Joey Yap – Grow Rich with Bazi 3.0 (Plus)

No Matter Your Dream, Money Is The Fuel That Makes It Come True

What you’re looking for is your personal wealth transformation manual. You know that you’re ready to achieve maximum success in your career or business. You just don’t know how to get there.

Grow Rich with BaZi is designed to reveal your very own unique path to wealth. By delving into your true personality and talents, you’ll be able to come up with truly ground-breaking moves that nobody else can make.

You’ll stand ahead of any competition, motivation will come easily and as the successes stack up, you’ll be on your way to your very own prosperity breakthrough.


Grow Rich with Bazi is not a program about how other people have gotten rich in the past. It’s a step-by-step program that’ll let you discover your very own, customized path to getting rich in the present.

To become truly rich, you’ll need to understand yourself to the core. That’s what this program is designed to do by:

  • Revealing your own unique personality, strengths, weaknesses and cycle of luck.
  • Guiding you to form an action plan that’ll unlock success in your career and maximum returns for your business and investments.
  • Ensuring you never miss an opportunity again as you become aware of all the resources around you, that you’d never have known otherwise.
  • ​Show you your projected life path- it’s so much easier to plan for the future when you know what it is.


Module 1: Wealth Capacity

One must first understand his or her own capacity to accumulate wealth, before truly being able to become wealthy. Like a piece of art, we want to study not only the color and design, but its shape, dynamics and depth. Wealth is a form of energy in Chinese Metaphysics. We want to know what potential exists within a person. We need to know the difference between ‘making money’ and ‘creating wealth’.

Module 2: Expanding Your Capacity

We often think of profitable career or a successful business venture, when we talk about generating more money or gaining financial edge. For some though, if not done right, generating money can be slow-paced. With BaZi, you will be able to pave your path of least resistance to wealth. This module explains all the ways to expand your capacity and to generate wealth by understanding your BaZi chart.

Module 3: Amplifying Your Value

Price is what you pay, value is what you get. These days, everyone talks about adding value but have very little understanding of what value truly means. This module is all about making you indispensable. Using your BaZi, you learn how to focus on your core values and the most effective way to boost them.

Module 4: Raising Capital

Without money, you will not be able to fast-track your ideas. Capitals are what funds your ideas – they make your dreams come true. But how do you find avenues to raise capital though? This is where your BaZi chart comes in handy. This module will take you on a journey and explain how you may be able to find certain avenues to obtain the funding – turning your dreams into reality.

Module 5: Resources

It’s near impossible to realize any dream without resources. Through BaZi, you will understand the various types of resources available – Financial, Intellectual, Human, Connections and Physical. By adopting a clear approach to growing the resources found in your BaZi chart you’ll learn to become resourceful.

Module 6: Awakening Hidden Talents

We all have our individually unique set of gifts and hidden talents. The lucky ones discover it, while others go through a maddeningly long journey to discover it. Then there are those really unlucky souls that end up never finding it. A definitive tool in learning and awakening these gifts and talents is BaZi. These talents will, in turn, create the passion that will fuel your dreams.

Module 7: People Management

What separates a true master of BaZi from the pack is his or her ability to discern, interpret and to use the Ten Gods. The 10 Gods is highly regarded as the holy grail of all BaZi practitioners and it forms the basis of all advanced applications of BaZi. It is derived from the understanding of the energies of the five elements in both Yin & Yang polarities.

Module 8: Strategic Alliances

The premise of all study and practices in Chinese Metaphysics revolves around Qi or energy. Synastry has long been one of the most elusive methods of reading and most misunderstood in BaZi. In more generic terms, Synastry is also known as affinity between people. In BaZi specifically, we look at the chemistry between two or more sources of energy and how it affects one another.

Module 9: BaZi Career Options

The questions addressed in this module are – What is the best job for me? What industry should I be in? Which is the field of maximum opportunity? Discover the path as early as possible and lay the grounds to a successful career.

Module 10: Investments

To transform our personal calling into great wealth, we need to make investments. While investments always involve an element of risk, that risk is greatly mitigated when you understand your personal path to growth and expansion. Besides that, this module will also reveal the five principle methods of investing to produce wealth, and how your BaZi indicates the method that works best for you.

Module 11: Creating and Managing Change

Change is the only thing that is constant in life. Like it or not, it is inevitable. Though unpreventable, it is definitely manageable. You’ll have the upper hand by being able to read your BaZi, especially when it comes to creating and managing changes. By examining clashes, combos and the changes that occur in the annual and 10 year cycles, you take away the fear of change and know what to expect.

Module 12: Innovation

Innovation is the final piece of the wealth puzzle. It’s the single secret ingredient that’ll ensure you are consistently ahead of everyone else and bestow you the unique ability to turn challenges into opportunity. While scheduling innovation may seem as impossible as catching lightning in a bottle, this module will reveal your personal capacity and peak periods for innovation, down to the day.

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