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My #1 Facebook Ad Formula: How I Generated $2.8 Million with 1 Cold Traffic Campaign

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Ambassador Blueprint by Ezra Firestone Free Download

My #1 Facebook Ad Formula: How I Generated $2.8 Million with 1 Cold Traffic Campaign

Hey, I’m Ezra Firestone. I’m a marketing educator, and the Founder and CEO of a Shopify store that just passed $85 million in revenue.

And while a lot of people are struggling to get their Facebook ads to work right now, we’re having our best year ever.

Here are the results of a Facebook campaign we ran from Nov. 2019–April 2020 that generated over 36,000 new customers:

We spent $1.5M over four months and made $2.85M — all from cold traffic.

And we did it using one simple Facebook ad formula.

In this article, I’m going to show you our most profitable cold traffic campaign ever and give you the very simple formula we’re using to generate these ads.


Our Top-performing Facebook Ad: 20K Likes, 4K Comments, 3.4K Shares and $355,092 in Sales

This is the top-performing ad of the whole campaign, with over 3,000 shares and comments, 4,300 purchases and a ROAS of over 200%:

Ezra Firestone - Ambassador Blueprint

I’m going to tell you why this ad is so effective in just a second…

But first, I want to emphasize how amazed we were by the results of this campaign.

It’s not uncommon to see a high ROAS from ads targeting your most profitable customer segments, like repeat purchasers or abandoned carts…

But advertising to people who don’t know your brand? That’s hard.

Most businesses intentionally acquire customers at a loss because they know they can earn their money back during the customers’ lifetime.

And that’s not a bad strategy…

But if you can acquire customers without losing money (or even better, at a profit), then that’s a campaign you can build a sustainable business on.

With the video ad formula I’m about to show you, we were able to scale this cold traffic campaign to $22k a day in spend, acquire over 36,000 new customers and get a 189% return.


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Ezra Firestone - Ambassador Blueprint


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