Ian Stanley – Welcome Sequence Templates Write Along

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  • Course’s name: Ian Stanley – Welcome Sequence Templates Write Along
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Ian Stanley – Welcome Sequence Templates Write Along

The Welcome Email Sequence “Write Along” Training.

You’ll get all of the above when you get the Write Along Training.


You and I will write a full 10 day autoresponder sequence side-by-side in real-time.

I’ll be doing 10 live zoom calls for one hour each.

For the first 10 to 20 minutes I’ll be writing my own email for a new sequence I’m working on. I’ll write the email LIVE in front of you.

You can either watch me write with your full attention…or write while I’m writing to hold yourself accountable to get your sequence done.

I’ll explain why I wrote it the way I did and where I’m gonna put it in my sequence.

Then I’ll spend the second half of the call working with you on your sequences. You’ll be able to ask questions about your specific niche and emails.

I think of this as a mix of accountability and coaching. The pressure of the calls should help you create your sequence. And I’ll be able to coach you through any questions or roadblocks.

And I’m throwing in two bonuses.

1. I’m gonna create a landing page for a new opt in I’m gonna run. I’ll show you the landing page and why I did what I did.

2. I’m gonna show you the ads and funnel for the new offer so you can see exacly what I’m doing behind the scenes.

Between the ads, funnel, landing page, and emails you’re basically getting to see how I build businesses. This part could be a course in itself.

And you get a full 10 hours with me…

I charge $2,000 per hour for one on one consulting so this is a real $20,000. Or call it $10,000 since it’s group coaching.

You will be a part of the ONLY group that will ever get to do this training with me LIVE. If I sell it again, it’ll be recordings only.

I’ve never done this before and I won’t ever do this again.

Each day you’ll get a link to the live call and recording link of the previous call.

My team and I talked about this offer a lot and we were thinking of doing $997 for it and limiting the number of participants.

But the honest truth is I plan on selling the recordings in the future at some point so I wanted to just make it a no-brainer for the live group as well.

$697 is still too little for what I’m doing…but I don’t really care cuz like I said, I wanna sell the recordings later.

So I decided to make this a “popcorn offer” like buying popcorn at the movies. The medium is pretty much the same price as the large so almost everyone just gets the large.

That’s why I’m doing the Write Along for just $497.

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