Shopify Codex by Lea

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Go from “DEY” (Do Everything Yourself) to being able to Design, Delegate, then Decompress. Grow your profits or team with more clarity to build the eCommerce creative business of your dreams.

  • Course’s name: Shopify Codex by Lea
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Shopify Codex by Lea

Shopify Codex – Go from “DEY” (Do Everything Yourself) to being able to Design, Delegate, then Decompress. Grow your profits or team with more clarity to build the eCommerce creative business of your dreams.

Go Beyond the Theme

The step by step program that shows you how to create high quality custom Shopify websites while ditching the cookie cutter templates for good, without burning your life to the ground!

  • End-to-end process map from inquiry to project management to delivery
  • SOPs for Design to development to delegate to team with peace of mind
  • Templates on Figma to accelerate your design process
  • Create clarity with project management and scope lessons for ecommerce
  • Learn Web design (UX/UI) methodologies specifically for ecommerce
  • Development checklists to keep you in action mode
  • In depth tutorials and wiki resources for code snippets you can keep forever!
  • Designer friendly trainings on Shopify Liquid
  • Handoff process for site launches and testing protocols for custom work
  • Tips and tricks on tools that will help streamline your operations to scale
  • A community of designers and developers like you to lean on and developers to collab with

PHASE 1: Discover

Land that high ticket client with less uncertainty and end the dreaded scope creep.

  • The secret to a successful project starts with your discovery. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to tease out the details of your prospects project to create a clear Scope Of Work (SOW).
  • Never leave question marks of how the process works with your clients or growing team. We will go over common pitfalls of custom projects and how to keep timelines on track with onboarding and management templates.
  • Never drag a project because you’re missing copy. Our framework for eCommerce specific copywriting is included!

PHASE 2: Create

Stop wasting time going down the design rabbit hole. Efficiently create designs that create high converting experiences you can implement.

  • Understanding the real problems your clients customers need solved will help you build a deeply strategic design that doesn’t leave your client questioning every decision
  • Learn how to construct your file for a smoother development process
  • Design and prototype your site that will get better feedback and more intentional conversion focused experiences you can deliver on

PHASE 3: Construct

Learn the technical skills, hacks, tips and tricks no one else is teaching with REAL client examples.

  • We’ll go over how to manipulate the taxonomy and structure of your store setups to achieve the unique goals of your client. Including how to stage templates for a redesign, hacking product organization, apps we recommend and more
  • You’ll finally learn how Liquid works, and have simple approachable tools to make the fancy changes you want with less headaches
  • You’ll get the end-to-end process of a full site build from SEO, to CMS setup, to code version control methods that will keep you in action mode to quickly implement your theme with less mistakes and missed details

PHASE 4: Launch

Get your client amped without the anxiety of a critical launch and how to plan for the unexpected hiccups of a custom site launch.

  • Ease your pre-launch jitters with a clear minute-by-minute action plan that’s client-facing
  • Know how to move through the development store to live store process for a bunch of different store lifecycle use cases
  • Get rid of frustrating boomerang clients with an easy to use handoff documentation and QA ticket process

Scale your Shopify Studio

What if you had the support to change the framework of your business to run a multi-6-figure even 7-figure studio that is just SIMPLER?
What if you could learn how to streamline your core offering to start offering more profitable, quicker turnaround services to fill the gaps?
What if you had the support to: outsource to people who KNOW what they’re doing, have a network of entrepreneurs at all stages, and the month-to-month support as you grow?
Discovery design freedom and tailor a streamlined process while improving profit to unlock your schedule and grow your team.
Profit = Pipeline, Process, People.
I want you to grow your profits by 50% in the next six months, get support that you desperately need with the clarity that gets you there.

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