Eric Partaker – Peak Performance Academy

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Become the Best Version of Yourself in 5 Weeks & Unlock Your Full Potential. A New Online Training Program to Become All You’re Capable of Being in Work & Life

  • Course’s name: Eric Partaker – Peak Performance Academy
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Eric Partaker – Peak Performance Academy

Become the Best Version of Yourself in 5 Weeks & Unlock Your Full Potential

A New Online Training Program to Become All You’re Capable of Being in Work & Life

Here’s What to Expect

Create crystal clarity with your goals and purpose

You know where you’re headed and why it’s important to you. You’re armed with a sense of purpose that makes things happen, enabling you to break free from limiting beliefs so you can achieve your goals and dreams.

Become laser-focused and super-productive

You know how to prioritize what’s important and can channel your focus and energy to stay on task. You feel the thrill of personal consistency, master the art of holding yourself accountable, and feel more present in all that you do.

Develop antifragile courage and confidence

You believe in yourself, start playing to win, and own your greatness. You grow and develop as you step outside your comfort zone. You are antifragile and all the things in work and life that don’t go according to plan only strengthen you.

Benefit from an evidence-based curriculum

Opinion is great. Data is better. The program draws from behavioral science from Stanford University, as well as the world’s largest ever study of peak performers, including over 30,000 people and over 100 different performance variables.


You’ll go through 6 modules of advanced, mastery-level online training released over 5 weeks. The entire program is structured for your rapid learning and long-term gain, based on the science of successful learning.

  • Module 1: Foundation. You’ll discover a deeper sense of purpose, upgrade your mindset, understand the blocks to peak performance, and what it takes to join the estimated 2% of people who reach their full potential.
  • Module 2: Identity. Advanced training to understand what really drives your behavior. You’ll learn new mental frameworks and practical tools so you show up at your best on the work, health, and relationship fronts.
  • Module 3: Productivity – Planning. Advanced training to help you better manage your day, optimize your sleep, set energizing goals, create clear 90-day plans, and understand how to scientifically increase your motivation.
  • Module 4: Productivity – Execution. Advanced training to help you stay focused on what matters most, better manage your energy, build better habits, minimize distraction, and create strong personal accountability.
  • Module 5: Antifragile Courage. Advanced training to help you develop your courage and confidence. You’ll learn how to become stronger as a result of stress, master your fears, and both anticipate and navigate the unexpected.
  • Module 6: Mastery. We’ll take an 80/20 look at achieving mastery across the Health, Wealth, and Relationship fronts, incorporating previous module lessons as well as introducing other mastery-level content.

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