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Fluent For Life is an online video and audio program that GUARANTEES English fluency for intermediate to advanced English learners… Without you saying a word!

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Drew Badger – FLUENT FOR LIFE – AnyoneEnglish

“The Hidden ‘Communication Switch’ In Your Brain That Guarantees Fluent English”

“Fluent For Life – The Vault”

Fluent For Life – The Vault By Drew Badger - EnglishAnyone

Fluent For Life gives you the only proven way to “flip your communication switch” with the high-frequency vocabulary and varied comprehensible input that guarantee fluency… Even if you have no one to practice with!

I created this program to deliver fast results for busy learners. So unlike most classes that force you to follow a certain schedule, or learn subjects you don’t care about, YOU create a customized program from a library of 100 Lesson Sets.

Get over 560 video and audio lessons covering casual and professional topics like business communication, movies, health and fitness, finance, war, crime, shopping, travel, giving presentations, information technology, pop culture, cooking, law, dating, politics, interviewing, living abroad, debating, the art of conversation, and much more!

Improve In Just: 15 Minutes A Day
You can make noticeable progress in just 15 minutes a day, during any spare moment at home, the gym, work or anywhere else, because there’s no formal textbook study or memorization, and you don’t waste time with unnecessary, confusing or boring lessons.

Instead, you feel like you have a personal guide, native parent and expert coach by your side as you build fluency automatically. I protect you from common mistakes, and share native communication strategies you won’t learn in traditional classes.
You move from basic examples and simple stories to seeing everything integrated in REAL conversations. This takes you from understanding English teachers to communicating confidently with natives.

You also develop your “sense of correctness” without studying any rules – so you say the right thing at the right time – using the same native grammar lessons I give to my own children.

And the program prepares you for global communication, with diverse vocabulary and dialects from the US, the UK, Australia, Canada and beyond, to improve your listening and voice. (This is so important, no matter where you live, because you will communicate with English speakers from all over the world.)

Any problems with your accent and intonation are quickly erased by steady exposure to native examples, and training that fixes your “trouble words” with the help of vocabulary you can pronounce correctly.

How Long The Course Takes
The course path and duration are unique for each learner since you choose what you’re most interested in from the 100-Lesson-Set library. And you can continue to build fluency in as many topics as you like.

But by the end of each Lesson Set – which takes about 30 days – you’re fluent in hundreds of useful words and phrases. Much of this vocabulary will be new, but you’ll also notice your current vocabulary flowing more easily. Imagine speaking fluent English this month, and always having something to say!

As you repeat this proven process with the Lesson Sets of your choice, you feel yourself acquiring the greatest of all powers: language mastery, a skill you can never lose that will provide for you in countless ways for the rest of your life.
Fluent For Life truly gives you the easiest way to: Follow TV shows, movies and conversations easily… Correct your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation errors by yourself… Remember everything when you need it in conversations… Express how you REALLY feel… Respond without hesitation… And speak without fear in front of one person or many… In as little as a few weeks.

How Will Fluency Change YOUR Life?
You likely know people who appear common and unremarkable, but their impressive “way with words” ensures they are admired and remembered.

There are probably others you’ve met who looked competent, but lost your respect when they made obvious speaking mistakes.

This is because – like nothing else – our words reveal who we are.

Just as poor communication keeps us from the things we want most in life…

Excellent speech holds the key to projecting confidence, showing authority, and charming everyone you meet with a lasting positive impression. It enables you to “hold your own” in any social setting, whether telling an entertaining story, speaking passionately about serious matters, or winning others to your cause. And these are just the social advantages.

The Carnegie Institute of Technology proved that 85% of success in ANY field of business is due to superior ability in influencing others to do as you wish, NOT superior business knowledge…

…So you will find successful professionals around the world turning WORDS directly into WEALTH, while many highly-qualified people are discounted and left behind because of their weak speaking ability.

In fact, recent research on the career impact of English language proficiency found the lack of English language skills to be a MAJOR obstacle, especially for well-paid jobs.

82.8% of study participants indicated that poor English had caused them to lose job opportunities… And 60.4% said they were rated on their English proficiency before being rated on their job performance.

But for those who CAN speak… Even modest improvement in English communication skill has been shown to yield an average increase of 18% in expected salary across all geographies, sectors and levels of experience. Pay can even rise 30% OR MORE in many industries, meaning that if you earn $40,000 a year, a 30% increase rockets you up to a $52,000 annual salary.

Include regular career promotions and raises, and you can potentially add hundreds of thousands of dollars in income over your lifetime with better spoken English, without improving your professional qualifications.

So considering the many life-changing social and financial benefits of fluency, we arrive at…

The Value Of Fluent For Life
Imagine people envying your complete confidence when speaking English, wondering what your secret is…

Suddenly, you have MORE opportunities than you can handle, so you can choose among the best. Your communication skills are a great source of pride for your friends and family, while anyone who may have doubted your worth now knows they made a big mistake.

This is my promise to you with Fluent For Life. Not just that you’ll speak correctly, but that you’ll command the language with style and flair… Not just that you’ll be understood, but that you’ll be sought out and listened to.

You will not find a program that is more immediately helpful for your daily communication, personal relationships and income than Fluent For Life. Nothing else is as comprehensive, with a library that delivers exactly what you need for your life.

If a promotion suddenly requires you to give presentations, simply jump to that Lesson Set and see how to deliver talks like a pro! Expecting to hear diverse, hard-to-understand accents in a particular location? Train your listening with those kinds of native speakers waiting in the videos. Want just the right phrase to impress a potential partner, boss, client, friend or “that special someone”?

FREE GIFT 1: Our Exclusive Interactive Video App

Your first bonus is exclusive access to our iOS and Android Interactive Video App for EVEN MORE personalized learning, listening and speaking practice!

  • Use on ANY device – computer, tablet, smartphone, Apple iOS, Google Android…
  • ​​Control the speed of videos so you understand every word…
  • ​​Set the time between speech sections in videos to pause and practice speaking at your pace…
  • ​Set the number of times each speech section repeats so you hear everything and can review easily…
  • ​Click anywhere on the Interactive Transcript to jump right to that section of the video!

FREE GIFT 2: My Collection Of 7 English Fluency Guides

Become a fluent English speaker 2, 3 or even 10 times faster – without learning any new words or grammar – with this exclusive collection of 7 PDF eBook guides and bonus mp3 audio versions!

  • While most lessons and courses only give you more vocabulary lists and grammar rules to memorize, this training reveals specific steps for improving ALL of your MISSING communication skills! You’re getting…
  • ​​Guide 1 – Speak English Fluently: How to express yourself and respond automatically, spontaneously and without hesitation in 3 simple steps so you can have long, enjoyable conversations
  • ​Guide 2 – Practice Speaking with Natives: How to meet native English speakers who are excited to speaking with you so you can practice your spoken English (no matter where you live in the world)
  • ​Guide 3 – ​Speak English Naturally: How to learn the 3 most important kinds of spoken English so you can sound more like a native speaker
  • ​Guide 4 – Speak English Confidently: How to build the confidence to ignore mistakes, start conversations and speak English successfully
  • ​​​Guide 5 – Use Correct Grammar Automatically: How to master grammar the native way so you speak correctly, without thinking or translating
  • ​Guide 6 – Understand Native English Speakers: How to understand the fast speech, accents and casual vocabulary of spoken English in conversations, TV shows, music and movies
  • ​Guide 7 – Sound Like A Native Speaker: How to reduce your accent, improve your pronunciation and sound like a native English speaker, the easy way!

FREE GIFT 3 – The Insight: The Secret To Instant Confidence

This video training with PDF eBook and bonus MP3 audio version will change the way you think so you INSTANTLY feel more confident about speaking English, stay motivated, and reach fluency faster!

  • Made for English learners who easily get discouraged, frustrated and repeatedly quit learning…
  • ​​Discover the centuries-old idea that has the power to make you confident TODAY…
  • ​​This training is valuable for much more than learning English, and can make you more successful at EVERYTHING you do!

FREE GIFT 4 – The 68 Fluency Secrets: Mastermind With The English Fluency Guide

Get my BEST learning and practice secrets as I answer 68 student questions in this 7 MP3 audio course with full PDF transcripts that feels like a private coaching session with me.

  • I share ALL of my learning and practice secrets in Fluent For Life, but you’ll find my best strategies and tips organized by topic in this important training!
  • ​Learn the simple steps you can take to experience rapid and dramatic improvement in your listening, grammar, pronunciation, and much more!
  • ​Create your personal “Results-driven Learning” blueprint to solve your specific communication problems FAST!
  • ​Get 7 audios plus the bonus 8th audio – How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be – AND the Mastermind Training Workbook!


Steal “The Billion-Dollar Memory Secret” of the world’s most successful companies that makes your words UNFORGETTABLE with this PDF eBook guide with MP3 audio version and BONUS 1,000 word list!

  • Made for English learners who often forget their words when they speak…
  • ​Learn a little-known psychological “trick” that changes the way you think and gives you a SUPER MEMORY…
  • ​See how to learn new words and phrases ONCE and remember them FOREVER so you express yourself without “getting stuck” in conversations!

FREE GIFT 6 – Speak Like Me

Learn the “native communication secrets” that can make you speak and sound more like a native in two hours or less in this 6 video course with bonus MP3 audio versions and PDF transcripts!

  • ​Discover advanced techniques like THE ONE RULE that can reduce your accent and help you sound much more like a native speaker, almost instantly, so you feel much more confident about expressing yourself!
  • ​​See step-by-step how I put sentences together WITHOUT THINKING so I always have something to say!

FREE GIFT 7 – Visual Guide To Phrasal Verbs

Speak more smoothly and fluently IN DAYS by doing just ONE SIMPLE THING in this 16 video course with bonus MP3 audio versions and PDF transcripts!

  • ​Master the most commonly used and important part of SPOKEN English so you understand native speakers and communicate naturally, with 600+ usages andmore than 1,000 examples!
  • Learn to think like a native speaker to express yourself as easily as native children do!

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