Peyton Fox – Design Outsite The Inbox

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The Ultimate Figma Email Design Course – Build strategic, stunning, and surprisingly easy e-commerce emails without ANY prior design experience.

  • Course’s name: Peyton Fox – Design Outsite The Inbox
  • Size: 11.72 GB
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  • Last Update: 2023

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Peyton Fox – Design Outsite The Inbox

Design Outside The Inbox – Take your email marketing game to the next level without any design experience!

What Will I Be Learning From This?


Email Like The Big Boys

No more wincing at your own designs and wishing you could develop emails like your competitors.

I’ll be breaking down my method for how you can get on the level of some of the biggest e-commerce brands in the game without spending HOURS in complicated design programs.

You Will Learn:

  • How to design a month’s worth of emails in just A FEW DAYS.
  • How to create re-usable stunning email templates that your customers want to click!
  • How to use my go-to program, Figma, to build emails with ease!
  • The exact steps to design amazing emails with NO crazy email coding!


Full Walkthrough Tutorials

This isn’t some fluff of a course talking about what design is and la-de-do-da-da! This course contains actionable step-by-step tutorials on building MULTIPLE types of email designs.

Follow right alongside me to become a master Figma designer and email creation wizard.

You Will Learn:

  • How the less is more approach to e-com emails allows you to pack a HUGE punch in half the design time
  • How to build nurturing emails that create lifelong customers that WANT to be emailed
  • How to make sure your email passes the ‘scan’ test
  • My secret copywriting hacks to get them to take action!


Command Their Attention

Spoiler alert – just because your email says BUY NOW doesn’t mean they ever will.

Design and copy go hand-in-hand!

Create masterful storytelling in your emails that will have your subscribers waiting by their computers for your next email.

You Will Learn:

  • What makes your subscribers WANT to open your emails
  • The ultimate copy hack for making them do a double-take in the inbox and running to click open
  • Dissecting your audience list for targeted personalization
  • Strategy for building an audience HUNGRY for your next email

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