Dan Hollick – Advanced Framer

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Dan Hollick – Advanced Framer

Take your understanding of Framer to the next level by building a complete site from start to finish.

Ever thought about throwing your laptop out the window when using Framer? Me too.

Despite this, Framer has quickly become my favourite way to build websites – even as someone who codes. It’s an incredibly powerful tool but there are frustratingly few resources out there about how to make full use of it.

Struggling to build your own ideas?

Building something basic is easy. Building what you want is where things get tricky.

I built this course because I found most tutorials kinda inadequate. They show you how to build some flashy animation and then roll credits – never taking the time to make it responsive or figure out how it will interact with the rest of the page.

There was nothing that showed you all the little gnarly bits that come with making a complete, professional grade site.

Detax: Tax avoidance made simple

To solve this problem, I came up with a fake SaaS company, Detax.

We build the Detax site from start to finish to show you how to take a site all the way to production.

The course consists of 12 lessons split across 3 modules and goes beyond just Framer. I’ll show you how to use and integrate other tools, like Spline for 3d and Rive for more advanced animations.

Learn how to build your own ideas.


Learn tactics for creating complex layouts by building a production grade website from scratch.

By the end of this module, you’ll have a suite of dynamic and high-quality components you can remix into your own sites.


Push beyond the limits of Framer’s interface to create stunning interactive visuals.

By the end of this module, you’ll have the tools to build custom components that you could even sell on Framer’s marketplace.


Manage complexity at scale by learning strategies for creating large content driven sites.

By the end of this module, you’ll understand what it takes to launch a professional website to production.

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