Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy

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THE DIGITAL NOMAD LIFE ACADEMY – A year-long membership offering all the guidance and direction you need to become a digital nomad this year, even if you’re starting from scratch.

  • Course’s name: Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy
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Christabella Travels – Digital Nomad Life Academy


 An online course + remote community designed to help you create your first profitable 100% remote business.


A year-long membership offering all the guidance and direction you need to become a digital nomad this year, even if you’re starting from scratch.



Let us guide you through a deep personal discovery exercise so that you can start to understand the potential we know that you have within you. Our process works for both complete beginners and established professionals. This is not a cookie-cutter “make money online” program. In fact, every single person in the DNLA has a different business offering, because we prioritize helping our students find alignment and happiness with their future careers.


We teach you step-by-step how to build and market a small-service-provider business from absolute scratch, with no prior experience or education needed to follow along. Along the way, you’ll learn about many important personal development concepts that you will need to stay grounded while you embark on the wild ride of online entrepreneurship! Our courses genuinely cover everything you need to know to get started with a new life of freedom.


Mentorship is what helps you skip all the mistakes and achieve success in the shortest time possible. Multiple times per month we have expert digital nomad entrepreneurs host live calls where you can ask any specific questions you have about your business, or simply listen to others being coached and learn through osmosis. We also regularly offer workshops so you can both learn from and network with successful remote business owners.


This is not your mom’s “fave facebook group.” We offer so many live call opportunities and a 24/7 virtual community that you will naturally start to get to know the other students on a personal basis. We love when you tag us in photos saying that you met in the DNLA and now are co-working at a cafe in Vietnam! There’s NO NEED to feel like a black sheep anymore. Our people will “get it” because they all want what you want too.

What you’ll learn

Understand what all your options really are

The top-ten lists on Google are NOT the full truth! Learn about how limitless the options really are. It’s only once you wrap your head around this can you choose your path without having “shiny object syndrome”

Complete Your 360* Remote Career Clarity Homework

The most comprehensive career questionnaire on earth (we believe, anyways!). You’ll spend hours surfacing your personality traits, professional experiences, & interests. When you’re done, there will be a whole lot of data to draw conclusions from.

Do Your Shadow Work

Your subconscious is where to find the answers you’re looking for in terms of what remote career path to pursue. If you’re still stuck, we have specific exercises that will guide you out of your limiting beliefs and toward the career clarity you’ve been craving.

Book a Career Assessment Call

You are invited to book a career assessment call with our founder Christa, who developed this (basically fool-proof) process of helping people determine the best remote career path for them, even if they have no idea where to start. Many clients report the experience feels like a psychic reading!

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