Chaitra Radhakrishna – High End Web Designer

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The 4-part framework for consistently landing high-end website clients in your design biz!

  • Course’s name: Chaitra Radhakrishna – High End Web Designer
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Chaitra Radhakrishna – High End Web Designer

The 4-part framework for consistently landing high-end website clients in your design biz!

Watch the exclusive private training and Q&A below before it expires!

Here are the timestamps of the video:

2 min – Intro to the High-end websites business model

11 min – Examples of types of clients we work with

18 min – The 4-part framework to landing consistent high-end websites

47 min – Planning your calendar & year with the High-end websites model so you can scale your income while working 20 hours/ week

1hr 03 min –  The High-end Web Designer program details

1hr 20min – LIVE client panel with HEWD Designers

Hey there, fellow web designer!

I see you are working hard and you have big goals for your web design biz! Are you ready to start booking $10K+ websites so you can make more money in your design biz while working wayyyyyy less?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Getting website clients seems like a rollercoaster you can’t get off of – you book a couple clients one month and then go months together without a single inquiry hitting your inbox. #ghosttown
  • Or you are on the web design hamster wheel, busy building websites for clients but on paper, your business looks more like a hobby and you aren’t making nearly as much money as you want to be.
  • You have big goals for business, and so you take on multiple website projects in order to hit your income goals but you are on the verge of burnout and want to throw in the towel.
  • You do have a web design process but every client project feels like a road trip where the client is in charge and they are driving you to crazy-land. And at the end, you are left exhausted with projects that you aren’t proud to put on your portfolio.
  • Most times, handling these projects felt like taking an order at a restaurant – Can I have a blue header with a cream sidebar and gold buttons please? 🤯 You are tired of clients questioning your expertise and not trusting your design process even after they chose to hire you. WHY, OH WHY?

Honestly, you sometimes wonder if this business and the constant headaches are even worth it!

Meanwhile on the other side of designer-land …

  • Fellow designers are talking about raising prices, charging more for your projects, working with dream clients and hitting six-figures. You know that’s the part of designer-land you want to go but you don’t know where’s the map to help you get there.
  • You want to raise your prices but worry that enquiries will dry up if you do. And those couple of times you tried raising your prices, you heard those dreaded words – “I can’t afford it” for a $2000 website and went right back to what you were charging.
  • You wonder how other designers are charging $10K+ for a website and oh! by the way, where do they even find these clients?
  • You want to land high-end clients but sometimes you secretly wonder if the websites you create are really worth $10K? How do you even design these websites that are worth $10K?

You wonder if there is a secret sauce that these designers have access to and you don’t?

From $0 to 6-figures in 12 months.

I started my design studio in 2016 and I was doing good. I was making about 30k-50k per year and at the time, I was happy with how things were going. But everything changed when I had my first baby.

After an 18-month maternity break, I found myself at square zero when I returned to business in Jan 2020. Zero income. Zero clients. Zero leads.

I had to make a choice. To throw in the towel or to rebuild my business. I chose the latter.

I honed in on my positioning, up-leveled my mindset, sharpened my skills, processes and tools, got to work.

In less than 7 months –

✔️ I had hit $70K.

✔️ Was consistently hitting 5 figure months.

✔️ Booked multiple 5-figure projects.

✔️ Featured in some amazing places like Privy and Proof to product which are reputable in my niche.

The most amazing part for me was that I was able to rebuild my business from $0 to 6-figures in less than a year with working 4 hours per day, when I hadn’t been able to accomplish this same result when I had 8+ hours to work everyday before having my baby.

If I could chalk it all up to just ONE simple thing, hands down it would be my process – The High-end website Process.

Charging $10K for a website is not only possible, but you are closer to it than you think. Close your eyes and imagine –

  • Seeing a $10k+ stripe payout in your bank account which came from working with 1 (max 2) clients that month.
  • Staying in bed to snuggle your little one(s) cuz that’s what mama needs today. Or taking the day off to grab a lunch date with your partner? Or stealing a walk cuz the sun is out today? Cuz flexibility is why you started your business right?
  • Waking up to a dream client enquiry waiting for you in your Instagram DMs under the new requests folder. And they can’t wait to schedule a call with you!
  • Working with dream clients that not only trust you as an expert but also want your inputs on their business. What? Read in between the lines : Zero-revisions!!
  • Reading thank you notes from clients for making a HUGE impact on their business. And let’s be honest, we know how life-changing websites are in 2022.

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