Per Bristow – Speak With Freedom

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Here’s How To Get A Healthy, Strong, Resonant, And Attractive Voice… And Become A More Confident, Charismatic And Influential Communicator!

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Per Bristow – Speak With Freedom

Speak With Freedom – Here’s How To Get A Healthy, Strong, Resonant, And Attractive Voice… And Become A More Confident, Charismatic And Influential Communicator!

Per Bristow is known as the world’s most followed voice and performance coach and his method has trained speakers and singers in 146 countries.

The Speak With Freedom program is used by speakers, entrepreneurs, sales people, negotiators, business leaders, teachers, coaches, and people from all walks of life who may experience voice problems or want to become more confident and effective communicators.

Beyond providing training to heal and effectively improve the physical voice, and develop effective communication and persuasion skills, Per has become known for his mind/body/spirit approach for effective learning and Peak Performance Training – i.e. how to become free, alive and be at your best when it matters the most.

His Live Events have sold out on in 9 countries on 4 continents.

Here’s What You Get: 

THE BRAND NEW AND IMPROVED SPEAK WITH FREEDOM Program – The world’s most popular voice training program that enables you to:

  • Overcome a voice problem!
  • Get a healthy, strong and dynamic voice!
  • Project with less effort, and speak for hours without getting tired!
  • Get a more resonant and attractive voice!
  • Have choices to effortlessly command attention, be authoritative, or be calming, seductive, soothing, or whatever that influences the situation!
  • Speak a second language with greater fluidity!
  • And much, much more!

Yes, the Speak With Freedom Program That You Are Getting Today Is Updated And Improved! It’s Now Even More Powerful! 

The program includes 11 powerful video sessions designed to be done with a couple of days in between for you to practice yourself. 

Through these unique muscle awareness and muscle isolation exercises, you will very quickly recognize tension and access muscles that you haven’t been aware of before.

As this is not a program to just gain intellectual knowledge, but to effectively develop muscle functionality and strength, you are encouraged to practice for a few days by yourself in between sessions to progress effectively.

Each session builds on the previous session for rapid improvements.

And Yes, The Speak With Freedom Program Normally Sells For $497. But Not Today…

As you can imagine, the return on even a $497 investment is extraordinary considering you are learning the life-skill to train the most valuable instrument you have for communication!

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