Jon Dykstra – The Fat Stacks Bundle

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Jon Dykstra – The Fat Stacks Bundle – Free Download Course · 1. Pinterest Magnate (Reg. $197) · 2. Long Tail Deep Dive (Reg. $97) · 3. Content Site…

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Jon Dykstra – The Fat Stacks Bundle

Jon Dykstra – The Fat Stacks Bundle

What you will get this course Jon Dykstra – The Fat Stacks Bundle

#1: Niche & Domain Selection (not available separately)

The Niche and Domain selection module is based on years of publishing many niche sites, some of which were big successes and some failures. I’ve launched many sites and recently sold 7 sites netting more than $200,000 while retaining multiple niche sites ranging from earning 6 figures per month down to a couple hundred. I’ve learned many things to watch out for when choosing and registering domain names and choosing niches. This is THE STARTING point for anyone just getting started in this business.

#2: Website Setup Video Tutorials

This MASSIVE bundle of courses includes a detailed series of videos stepping you through everything I do to set up a niche site from hosting to theme to plugins and basic website design.

#3: Long-Tail Deep Dive ($197 value)

In this course, you’ll learn how to find LOW COMPETITION, LONG-TAIL keywords.

One of my biggest secrets is how I find topics that DO NOT require backlinks to rank and earn.

My entire online publishing business is based on this strategy.

(Hint: There are usually more searches for these “low-comp” keywords than Google reports. Furthermore, they’re far easier to rank for and, again, DO NOT require link-building.)

Before I bundled all my courses together, whenever someone asked me which course they should get first, I always suggested this one. (But you won’t have to worry about choosing, because you’re getting access to EVERYTHING.)

#4: Content Site Autopilot ($197 value)

Over the years, I’ve been asked how to set up SYSTEMS to manage my workflow and outsource my content creation.
In this vital course, you’ll learn how to transform blogging from a “hands-on” to “hands-free” operation. AUTOMATION is one of the keys to scaling your operation and MAXIMIZING your profits.
I’ve spent YEARS refining this process. And, now, YOU can borrow my methods to optimize your own operation.

#5: Natural Link Building Formula ($97 value)

In this course, you’ll learn how to ATTRACT links naturally — on autopilot — by publishing the right types of content.


The fact is, NOBODY likes building links – it’s costly, time consuming, and risky. And Google doesn’t like it, either. You’re much better of creating great content than you are building backlinks.


The truth is, top tier sites don’t invest their time in building links. Instead, they invest in content. Content is king. So, why build links… when you can attract them, instead?

#6: Display Ads Deep Dive ($97 value)

The easiest way to monetize niche blogs is with DISPLAY ADS (using AdSense and other ad networks). In this course, we’ll take a DEEP DIVE into this topic.

The truth is… this is my claim to fame.

I figured out how to make a great living by monetizing blogs with the simple, humble display ad. (About 80 percent of my income is generated from display ads.)

For me, it’s the ULTIMATE monetization solution because it gives me the freedom to profitably blog about virtually ANY topic.

Display Ads Deep Dive reveals everything I do and know about successfully monetizing sites with display ads. I’m handing you my most valuable secrets on a silver platter.

I’ll teach you where to place ads for the biggest impact, the best ad network options, and EVERYTHING else you’ll need to know.

#7: On-Site SEO Deep Dive ($147 value)

In this course, you’ll learn EVERYTHING I do for on-site SEO (structure, schema, etc.) for ranking content.

With SEO, I attract a ton of organic search traffic to my various niche sites. Currently, my traffic haul is in excess of 1 million monthly visitors via SEO.

But here’s the important part…

My search traffic isn’t an accident.

It’s the result of setting up my on-site SEO properly and publishing lots of killer content.

I’ll show you how I do it, so you can set up your own sites for SUCCESS.

#8: Pinterest Magnate ($197 value)

Pinterest Magnate is a step-by-step course about driving traffic to my niche blogs with (you guessed it) Pinterest. You’ll learn to drive EASY TRAFFIC — leveraged by existing content — to earn passive income.

The fact is, Pinterest is AMAZING. It is responsible for sending approximately 300,000 monthly visitors to one of my sites.

(Note: The methods taught are specifically for the latest Pinterest algorithm updates in early 2020 — so it’s up-to-date.)

#9: Facebook Magnate (not sold separately)

Facebook Magnate steps you through how since August 2020 I’ve been able to attract over 300,000 free visitors from Facebook pages on almost autopilot. This is currently my second best traffic source (actually tied with Pinterest) but it’s sizeable, consistent, easy and valuable.

#10: Site Speed Magnate (not available separately)

Site Speed Magnate steps you through everything I’ve done in 2021 to speed up my niche sites and improve PageSpeed scores to 90+ on mobile in anticipation for the Google May 2021 Core Web Vitals update.


It’s a series of over-the-shoulder videos stepping you through every plugin, setting and step I took to dramatically improve my site speed and scores.

Here are scores from one of my niche sites which used to have terrible red scores… now it’s green on mobile.

The above site of mine with the 90+ PageSpeed scores is hosted with $5/mo. shared hosting… not some super expensive high-performance hosting service.

Also, it was not achieved with some expensive software service like Nitropack. It was achieved by actually optimizing the site itself.

#11: Content Service Comparison Case Study (27 content services compared)

In 2021 I decided to really get a sense of the best content providers out there.

I ordered the same article with the same word count and instructions from 27 different content providers.

TI ordered all content anonymously. This case study provides you the unrevised articles delivered by all 27 content services so you can judge for yourself.

I invested $2,200 into this case study. You get access to all the results as part of this bundle.

#12: Niche Exponential ($147 value)

The “Holy Grail” of internet marketing is earning recurring commissions with niche sites and email automation.

In short, the name of the game is setting up PASSIVE INCOME sites.

This valuable course breaks down the different niche sites I operate. The most popular type is what’s called a B2B (Business-To-Business) site.

These are different from my usual niche sites in that they’re small, focused, and earn money primarily through offers sent via an automated email newsletter.

You’ll learn the inside secrets I use to pull in RECURRING income… with minimal effort.


About your intructor

My name is Jon Dykstra, and I used to be a lawyer.

Now, that might sound good, but being an attorney is an incredibly stressful and demanding occupation.

That’s why — after 6 years of practicing law — I wanted something more.

And that’s where my story took an unexpected twist…

You see, I originally stumbled upon blogging as a way to get more legal clients (and it worked, too).

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