Jon Corres – The YouTube Success System

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The YouTube Success System – I Teach You How I Make 6-Figures Monthly Off YouTube Videos in 90 Videos or Less.

  • Course’s name: Jon Corres – The YouTube Success System
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  • Last Update: 2022

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Jon Corres – The YouTube Success System

The YouTube Success System – I Teach You How I Make 6-Figures Monthly Off YouTube Videos in 90 Videos or Less.

In a recent survey of the students who joined my program and are consistently posting videos, we found that students on AVERAGE:

  1. Had videos go viral within the first 60 videos posted
  2. Made $3,000-$5,000+ within their first 30 days AFTER a video went viral
  3. Are currently making $150/day since their first viral video to date


The YouTube Success System Blueprint

An actionable step-by-step plan for you to follow with estimated timeframes on how long each phase in the course will take to implement.

The “4-Hour Work Week” Outsource System

How you can grow a successful YouTube channel by working only 4 hours a week and outsourcing the rest!

The Secret Algorithm Breakthrough Criteria (ABC Formula)

My formula for how to get your videos into the YouTube algorithm and gain hundred thousands to millions of views.

Foolproof Niche Selection System

My in-house system that’ll make it stupidly easy for you to decide on a niche. Waste less time deciding on a niche and more time creating videos.

The 3 Step SEO Guide to YouTube

My custom guide that’ll teach you how to optimize your videos and give them the best possible chances of appearing in the algorithm (works for any video).

Private Coaching Calls With a REAL 6-Figure YouTuber

I’ll provide free coaching calls until you achieve your desired results. No limit. (I personally get on these calls).

The “Newbie to YouTuber” Setup Guide

My personal guide on setting up your channel properly and getting familiar with YouTube especially if you’re just getting started (50% of people set up their channel WRONG).

The “Faceless Viral Video Creation” Process

The in-depth training material to create videos using any form of content online and generate revenue from it (no expensive equipment, no need to film yourself).

Lifetime Access

I update the course constantly. You’ll have lifetime access to all future updates at no extra cost.

Exclusive Private Community

You can learn from not only my methods of success but from other YouTube channel owners as well. I answer most of your questions here.

Your Instructor, Jon

I run multiple viral video channels that gross thousands of dollars in ad revenue. I have created this course, The YouTube Success System, to help you research, create, and upload viral videos to generate you a 6 figure income. I will act as your mentor through helping you build and grow your YouTube channel. I look forward to having you!

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