Your First $10k’ Workshop – Felix Tay

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Action Steps For Coaches, Consultants, & Other Expert-Based Businesses To Hit Their First $10k Months.

  • Course’s name: Your First $10k’ Workshop – Felix Tay
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Your First $10k’ Workshop – Felix Tay

Action Steps For Coaches, Consultants, & Other Expert-Based Businesses To Hit Their First $10k Months.

If you want to take your business to a steady stream of $10k months, it’s not about hard work.

When you are just starting out, hustling can get you to survive.

But if you want to thrive, you’ll need more.

It is about using the right strategies and assets in place to clear the path from concept to cash flow.

You need to ensure that you have the:

  • Right market, offer and price strategy.
  • Right strategy and funnel execution.
  • Right action and mindset.

And of course, being consistent with all of that.

If you haven’t gotten your first $10k, at least one or a combination of these is the missing link.

The Road to Your First $10k

The answer is a clear roadmap on exactly what to focus on, to get your first $1k, $5k, and $10k months.

You need something that will tell you the most important priorities for each of these stages, so that you don’t waste time (and money):

  • Trying to figure out what will work or what won’t.
  • Making mistakes while taking courses on random moving pieces of a growing business.

In short, you need something to keep you centered on the straight line path of least resistance and minimize mistakes.

You need to learn the right things rather than learning everything.

I will provide you a structured plan—a roadmap that guides you through the necessary steps to build a solid foundation for your business.

Here’s what we will do in the “Your First $10k” Workshop:

  • Find Your Personal Gap

    I will show you what is the biggest missing link in you business so you know exactly the most important thing to work on right now.

  • Achieving Brand Clarity

    I’ll teach you to define and communicate your brand’s unique value proposition, ensuring you stand out in a crowded market.

  • Crafting Your Brand Narrative

    I’ll guide you to create a compelling brand story that attracts clients and get them to buy what you do.

  • Crafting High and Low Ticket Offers

    You’ll learn to create high and low ticket ‘irresistible’ offers that resonate with your audience, to help you make quick cash post-workshop.

  • Optimizing Social Media Profiles

    You’ll learn how to turn your social media profiles into a powerful machine for lead generation.

  • Consistent Social Media Content Creation

    I’ll teach you how I use AI to create maximal consistency & quality of content to keep me top of mind with my audience.

  • The Biggest Daily Needle Movers

    I’ll tell you exactly what to do on a daily basis to grow your business in an accelerated manner so that you never feel lost on what to do every day after the workshop.

This is your stepping stone to not just earning your first $10,000 but also laying the foundations for consistent revenue every month onwards.

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