The Infinite Social – The Dopamine Texting Program

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  • Course’s name: The Infinite Social – The Dopamine Texting Program
  • Size: GB
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  • Last Update: 2023

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The Infinite Social – The Dopamine Texting Program

What’s Inside The Program

  • DOPAMINE SPEEDRUN: A crash course, plug and play walkthrough to start booking dates tonight with dopamine texting
  • A detailed, recipe-like way to instantly trigger insane chemistry with any woman
  • THE LOCK SCREEN TEXT: Forces her to respond to your message
  • How to patch up holes in your text game FOR GOOD, a rock-solid funnel that brings 3-5 dates per week
  • A powerful tool to tell when a woman is crossing boundaries or disrespecting your time.
  • 3 insane hacks that get girls double texting you
  • The hidden system women use to screen men and how you can STEAL it for yourself.
  • A psychological secret you can use to guarantee she replies quickly
  • Texts That Send Men to THE FRIENDZONE: Simple mistakes leave her VERY disappointed.
  • My secret weapon that gets women to text first and do all the work to book in the date with you
  • The #1 mistake all guys make after the first message that causes her to ghost you
  • A simple 2 step process that flips her from one word replies to writing full-blown paragraphs
  • Dopamine Case Studies: Walkthrough successful conversations from open to close
  • How to speak the language of high value women on dating apps
  • Tinder Texting Simulator: Level up your text game OVERNIGHT
  • Why the most dangerous test comes after your first date with a woman
  • The 10 critical moments when a woman decides to flake and how to easily prevent them
  • Something you can say at the end of a conversation that leaves her eagerly waiting for more
  • “I’ve never told anyone this before” specific steps to have any woman open up to you instantly
  • When her reply means something is wrong
  • A conversation loophole: Used by hostage negotiators to get whatever you want in a way she thanks you.
  • TURN UP THE HEAT: How to convey sexuality and discuss intimate topics with no risk of rejection.
  • What to do when she acts “too cool” to talk to you with one word replies
  • How to drive a woman wild by NOT texting her when she expects
  • Outrageous things top 1% men get away with in DMs like the “spike technique”
  • What to do when she leaves you on seen
  • 4 questions make any woman comfortable sharing her number
  • The MIXED SIGNAL women use to expose weak men
  • And so much more

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