Thanh Pham – 25X Productivity System

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Introducing the 25x Productivity System: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming Superhuman Productive

  • Course’s name: Thanh Pham – 25X Productivity System
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Thanh Pham – 25X Productivity System

Introducing the 25x Productivity System: Your Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming Superhuman Productive

We’ve taken our 11 years of experience teaching productivity and distilled it down into 25 things that all masters of productivity know how to do.

Our 25-step system follows Asian Efficiency’s TEA Framework: Time, Energy, Attention. You need all 3 Pillars of Productivity to master productivity. If you have no time, energy, or attention, you’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and distracted. And you’ll never become productive.

The 25x Productivity System is a comprehensive system that revolutionizes every area of your life where you need productivity: email, calendar management, task management, focus, motivation, and more.

Here’s exactly what it covers, structured under our exclusive TEA Framework:


  • Quarterly planning: how to make time even when you think you don’t have any. You’ll create a simple, actionable 90-day plan to execute your goal
  • Monthly planning: how to make your daily tasks add up to achieving larger goals, with a 30-day plan to keep you on track
  • Weekly planning: how to find 3 hours of focus time every single week, no matter how busy you are, how many kids you have at home, or how tired you are right now. Your weekly plan will do this
  • Daily planning: how to focus in short, intense bursts and get more done. With time blocking, pomodoros, and what we call “Eat That Frog,” you’ll be able to follow your daily plan
  • Personal systems: we tested all the tech so you don’t have to. Get the tools and infrastructure that will support your success, including to-do list, calendar, and note-taking tools, so your life is organized and streamlined
  • Time audit: how to use your time efficiently without driving yourself crazy tracking every single minute of your life


  • Rise ritual: Asian Efficiency’s most popular lesson: how to start the morning with alone time and set yourself up for a productive day
  • Shutdown ritual: get better sleep and wake up EXCITED for the day by getting good sleep with a rock-solid evening ritual and sleep hygiene principles you won’t find in ANY other productivity system
  • Peak positioning: learn when you’re most productive, so you can stop fighting your body and your calendar and get work done in a flow state
  • Movement: learn how daily movement makes you more productive and how to get 15 minutes of movement in every day — gym membership NOT required!
  • Daily check-in: how to coach yourself with a check-in every day, so you catch yourself getting off track and quickly make adjustments
  • Renewal rituals: you need a break every day, week, month, and quarter. You’ll end this lesson with Renewal Rituals scheduled for the next 90 days
  • Flow state: how to get into a state where you’re not forcing yourself to work. You’re doing something challenging but fun, and your creativity flows


  • Mindset: how to stop shaming yourself and get back on track when you hit a road bump. Life is imperfect and so are human beings
  • Your purpose/why/vision: what do you REALLY want to work toward? What REALLY motivates you — not what you think should motivate you?
  • Goal getting: learn how to define action steps for the next 90 days, so you have clear things to do to achieve your quarterly plan. No more vague aspirations, just action
  • Focus filter: how to FINALLY achieve focus and work on 1 thing at a time until it’s done — and how to remind yourself every day NOT to multitask
  • Daily target: learn how to define a “productive day” before the day even starts. If you get your #1 most important thing done that day, it was a successful day
  • Focus engine: how to turn off distractions, including people (even if they’re your boss, significant other, or coworker). Including noisy environments you can’t control. Learn which apps to use, so you don’t waste time on ones that don’t work
  • Weekly review: learn how to review your week and make adjustments with a weekly review template, so you never allow yourself to stagnate or get off track
  • Reflection ritual: finally learn how to journal daily and productively without it being a chore, so you can self-reflect and continually grow
  • Thinking time: the #1 thing you MUST do before your scheduled 30 minutes of Thinking Time for it to be productive and not just daydreaming
  • Life leverages: how to list out everything you do and figure out what only YOU can do and what others can do, so you find time where you don’t think you have any
  • Personal outsourcing: how to outsource things others can do, so you can focus on what’s important — like spending time with your kids
  • Self-management: how to stop doing things that aren’t working for you and focus on your strengths, so you’re working WITH your personality and not against yourself

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