Tanner Larsson – Physical Product Showcase

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Proven product-sourcing secrets of 153 best-selling 7-figure products…

  • Course’s name: Tanner Larsson – Physical Product Showcase
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Tanner Larsson – Physical Product Showcase

Physical Product Showcase – Proven product-sourcing secrets of 153 best-selling 7-figure products…

Watch, learn and implement the same easy-to-follow ‘Action Plan’ we used to find, test and launch these 153 million-dollar physical products!

  • 12 Video Modules (+3 bonus modules)
  • ​153 ‘Winning Product’ Case Studies
  • ​Upsell, Cross Sell & Bundling Training
  • ​PDF Product Diagnostics Action Plans
  • ​[BONUS] Private Training On How To Source, Test and Launch Affordably
  • Private Label Product Secrets
  • ​DropShipping Product Secrets
  • Print On Demand Product Secrets
  • ​Custom Manufacturing Secrets
  • ​Scaleable Profits Calculator
  • ​Product Metrics Evaluation Calculator

From: The Desk of Tanner Larsson
Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach & Mentor to Thousands

To: The ambitious entrepreneur who wants a detailed roadmap for finding a profitable and scalable product!
Let Me Help You Crack The Product Code, So You Never Have To Struggle With Finding Profitable and Scalable Products Again!

Who This Is For…

  • People who sell or want to sell physical products through online stores, sales funnels, or Amazon FBA.
    If you don’t sell physical products, then this training won’t help you at all.
  • People that are sick of wasting tons of money “testing” products to see what works.
    Why not learn how to evaluate a product before you spend the money.
  • People that realize there is more to finding profitable products than just browsing Aliexpress.
    Guru’s have told you that all there is to it, but clearly something’s missing.
  • People that want to go behind the scenes of proven winners to learn what it takes to find winning products.
    The best way to learn is by seeing what has already been successful.

I’ve Created An In-Depth Video Training

Short of meeting in person, the best way to get all this knowledge into your hands is through video.

I hired a professional videographer to come to my warehouse and film me revealing the secrets of each and every product.

It cost a small fortune to produce, but what we ended up with is absolute ecom gold…

Inside the Physical Product Showcase you’ll discover…

  • The good, the bad and the ugly truth about all aspects of each product.
  • ​Why they sold, how they were sold, what worked and what didn’t.
  • ​How much they retail for and what kind of promotions have been successful with each product.
  • ​How much they cost to produce, what the minimum order quantity is and where they were sourced.
  • ​If they are private-labeleddrop shippedwholesale or OEM products.
  • ​How each product was bundled, upsold or cross sold with other related products.
  • ​And much, much more…

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