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Genesis Membership – Because these are the 5 common phases that copywriters who are struggling to get to $15K/month fall into.

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Stefan Georgi – Genesis Membership

Genesis Membership

If You Identify With One Of These 5 Phases (Or Feel Like You’re Stuck Between 2 Of Them), Then You Can CHANGE Your Life By Joining Genesis Today…

Because these are the 5 common phases that copywriters who are struggling to get to $15K/month fall into.

Phase #1: The Rookie

This is where you’re new to the whole copywriting and direct response world.

You’ve heard about people making money with this copywriting thing, and you want in…

But you need fundamentals.

You need a path forward to producing usable copy. You need to know where to start.

Right now, you probably feel lost.

And you need confidence too.

You know others have had success, but you’re wondering if that success is really possible for you as well.

Where We Want You To Be In 90 Days From Now:

We want you to have confidence. To gain a clear vision and a feeling of momentum.

We want you to know what you need to do to keep progressing, growing, and working towards consistency….

And we want to make sure you’re avoiding the roadblocks that most people encounter.

We want you to understand ALL kinds of copy.

We want to help you put together a BADASS portfolio… that you’re PROUD to show to prospective clients.

And within 90 days from joining Genesis…

We want you to have gotten your first 3 paying clients…, and be on the path to a consistent $3k to $5k per month in copywriting income…

With the FOUNDATION in place to go MUCH further from there.

Within 6 months from now, we want you making $5k – $8k per month.

Within 12 months from now, we want you making $8k – $10k per month.

Within 18 months from now, we want you making $15k+ per month and unlocking REAL freedom.

(For some people in this phase, it’s going to happen MUCH quicker.

But these are our baseline expectations.)

Phase #2: “The Student”

You keep reading about copy and buying courses, but you put off actually WRITING copy.

You don’t have regular clients but you DO have massive imposter syndrome.

And it’s STOPPING you from continuing to improve.

You feel stuck… and you need to be guided from inaction to action.

You need to get better at copy (through FEEDBACK)…

And you need to start getting experience (and wins) working with clients.

Less “studying” and more IMPLEMENTATION.

Where We Want You To Be In 90 Days From Now:

We want you to have eliminated your imposter syndrome.

We want you gaining confidence, because you’re actually applying all the trainings you’ve studied.

You’re able to recognize good copy vs. bad copy…

And you have a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed.

Very importantly…

You broke the cycle of shiny object syndrome…

The habit of being a course junkie…

The life of the info junkie…

And the identity of being a “maybe tomorrow” person.

You’ve gotten OFF off the sidelines and actually started playing the game…

(Which is where you ACTUALLY improve.)

You understand ALL kinds of copy… how to evaluate good copy vs. bad copy… and you’ve even written, and gotten feedback, on virtually every type of copy through our training system we’ve created.

You know how to do cold outreach, leverage freelancing tools, onboard a client, conduct a sales call, set proper expectations and more.

You’re actually landing clients consistently.

You’re no longer a nervous copywriter, but a confident one…

And we want you to be generating a minimum of $5k per month within 90 Days of joining Genesis.

Phase #3: “The Lone Wolf”

A lot of the writers who follow me tend to fall into this category.

As a Lone Wolf, you’ve studied copy and you’re no stranger to working with clients…

But your world is also plagued by a lack of clarity.

You often don’t get data from clients.

You have no idea whether your copy is good or bad.

You rarely get feedback from others on your copy…except maybe from the occasional client (who likely isn’t even qualified to judge).

It often feels like you are lost and directionless…

And you need a clear path to both improve, and to know where all of this is leading.

Where We Want You To Be In 90 Days From Now:

You’re CONFIDENT in your work….

And you know that your copy is good and that it’s going to convert.

That’s important:

Your copy doesn’t just “make the client happy,” it actually makes that client money too.

You feel like a professional who is truly providing value to others (enabling you to charge more)…

You’ve realized that you know WAY more than you thought you did, and you stop underestimating yourself…

You’re part of a supportive community, and no longer feel like you’re writing in a vacuum…

You have massive momentum. No longer feeling lost, but confident…

And you’ve begun to enter an “Ascension Mode”…

Which is a mode where you’re getting very close to that beautiful life of FREEDOM.

Within 90 days of joining Genesis…

We want you to have increased your monthly income by AT LEAST 50%… without having to work more…

So if you’re doing $5k/month right now, we want you at $7.5k/month in 90 days…

Or if you’re doing $8k per month now, we want you at $12k/month in 90 days.

These might sound like some big jumps…

But we’ve actually found that getting those gains for Lone Wolves is pretty easy…

Because usually folks in this category are a lot better than they think they are…

They just need confidence and mentorship to get them to the next level.

Phase #4: “The Grinder”

This is what happens when the Lone Wolf doesn’t have the right mentorship and moves horizontally in their career, instead of vertically.

The Grinder typically works at an agency or in-house somewhere….

You’re on a retainer or a full time salary…

But you also often feel overworked and underpaid. You’re always “beating the clock” and you have no time to think or really strategize.

As a grinder, it can feel like you’re always putting out B/C Level work (because you have to rush)…

And you want higher paying clients, and to work on projects with more potential…

But you’re afraid to leave your current gig…

Because you don’t know if you’re good enough or if you can get consistent clients on your own.

Where We Want You To Be In 90 Days From Now:

We want you to have a lot more CONFIDENCE.

Confidence that you can hunt for clients for yourself…

And confidence that you can “say no” and set boundaries.

You should be starting to feel balanced in your life, instead of like you’re rushed and constantly need to “catch up.”

We want you to be able to take time off.

Go on vacations.

Have real freedom and flexibility…

And to be in a position where you are able to prioritize quality over quantity.

From a skillset perspective…

We want you to have all of the systems and processes you need to actually streamline your work and maximize efficiency.

And from an income perspective…

In 90 Days from now we want you to be making more money than you are now, while working at least 25% less hours than you do currently.

We also want you to have the ability to replace your agency or in-house role while you do it…

To start phasing out the low-paying worth with higher paying jobs.

Phase #5: “The Journeyman”

As a Journeyman (or woman), you’ve been writing for at least a few years now.

You’re pretty seasoned and you typically bring in $4k to $8k per month…

And you may have even gotten a few nice wins for your clients over the years…

Though those have been inconsistent, and you’re not entirely sure why some things you created did great while some bombed.

One challenge you’re facing currently is there’s no clear path to improvement.

It can feel like you’re stuck at a certain skill level and an income ceiling. You are paying the bills, but you’re not getting wealthy.

You know that you could be making way more money, becoming much more in-demand, and getting way better results for your client if you could just “level up.”

The question is, how do you do that?

Where We Want You To Be In 90 Days From Now:

In 90 Days from now we want you to feel, act, and think like the professional you already are.

You have a clear lead-flow plan and the ability to get high paying clients and easily onboard them.

You also have the confidence that comes from knowing you can write any type of copy and it’ll perform.

We want you to become a full “T-stack” copywriter…

Meaning that you’ll go deepest on copy still…but you’ll also understand digital marketing as a whole…

Including funnels, ads, strategy, etc.

And you’ll have OPTIONS at this point too.

The option to keep going deeper and working towards building an empire – making “0.01% Copywriter Income” as you do…

Or the option to start enjoying your life more…

To live the “laptop lifestyle” where you’ve got a great income, clients are flowing to you easily, and you’re making great money…

But where you’re also free to travel the world, spend more time with your family, pursue hobbies, or do whatever else it is that you want to do.

We want you to increase your copywriting income by at least 50% in the next 90 days.

This will put many in The Journeyman phase into “Dream Life” territory.

And then we want to help you make sure that, once you reach that new level… you actually STAY there.

By avoiding the pitfalls and gravity that often pulls folks back down towards the earth.

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