ShineOn Treasury – Begin Your Journey To 100K Sales

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Learn the strategies Top ShineOn Sellers and Internal Brands team use. Step-by-Step content on how to find, create and scale products to $100K+ on many advertising channels.

  • Course’s name: ShineOn Treasury – Begin Your Journey To 100K Sales
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  • Last Update: 2022

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ShineOn Treasury – Begin Your Journey To 100K Sales

Learn the strategies Top ShineOn Sellers and Internal Brands team use. Step-by-Step content on how to find, create and scale products to $100K+ on many advertising channels.

THERE IS HOPE Stay Relevent

ShineOn Treasury membership ensures you always stay relevent with updated content:

  • ShineOn 100K by Michael Crist
  • ShineOn 100K – Call Recordings by Michael Crist
  • ShineOn Live Training Bundle
  • ShineOn Brands – KISS 8-Figure Brand Build
  • ShineOn Skill Stack by Krste Kovaceski
  • ShineOn X TikTok by Krste Kovaceski
  • Maximize Your Shine – Virtual Mastermind featuing talks from Top Sellers and Internal Brands
  • ALL our future content created by Internal Brands, Partners and Masterminds.
  • Community – Exclusive Forum access to get to ask questions and interact with other sellers in Treasury.
  • OPTIONAL: Office Hours Call with our Internal Brands Team.

Meet Washington

“Being a part of ShineOn coaching has definitely had a positive impact on the success I am currently having. In the 30 day revenue screenshot, note the start of the steep climb on March 7th which is when I started implementing the TikTok scaling strategy I learned during the call that same day.”

The call with the strategy Washington used is available in our Shineon Treasury under ShineOn X TikTok Pre-Release and will be part of our soon to be released course.

After his recent success he has left his 9-5 job to focus on this venture full-time and we couldn’t be prouder!

🔥HOT Content In ShineOn Treasury Streaming Now…

ShineOn Brands – KISS 8-Figure Brand Build

Do you want to elevate your potential to achieve millions in sales with the least amount of time investment? ShineOn Brands brings you our recipe from one of our core Brands that’s achieved multi-millions in sales and 10M+ overall across all Brands and sellers combined.

  • Unlock Unlimited Build time for your Store Build
  • Adding ShineOn App
  • Adding Optimal Apps
  • Advertising Channels
  • Shopify Settings Walkthrough
  • Theme CustomizationAdding BrandingDone for you CRO Code(CSS, Liquid)
  • Going beyond our build
  • Store Cart and Checkout Optimization
  • BONUS: Post Purchase Upsells using OCU

SAVE THOUSANDS! This store build is proven not once but time over time to convert. Ditch the expensive developer costs and opt for our KISS store build and focus on your most important tasks of finding winning products.

ShineOn X TikTok with Krste Kovaceski

Krste generated a mouthwatering 1M+ on the TikTok Platform in his first month. Since then he has continued to perfect his craft by focusing on creatives and devising innovative media buying strategies for the platform which have been vastly popular. The content is comprised of everything you need to know from the basics to the fine details to suceed on TikTok:

  • Fundamentals of TikTok
  • Key to Success on TikTok
  • How To Setup Assets on TikTok
  • How To Setup TikTok Pixel (2 Methods)
  • Creative Inspiration & Preparation
  • Creative Technical Workshop
  • Testing on TikTok
  • Scaling A Winner
    • TipTop Strategy
    • Feeding The Horse Strategy
    • TikTok Sling-Shot Strategy

Most recently utilizing his TikTok Sling-Shot Strategy to genrate $100k+ sales in two just 2 Days during Mother’s Day🤯

Maximize Your Shine

Jam packed content from ShineOn’s All Star Team on hot topics:

  • Expanding Globally – John Burgess
  • Hack Your TikTok Ads – Steven De Garcia
  • Fireside Chat Q&A – Michael Crist
  • Monetize your Customer List – Jim Crimella
  • Omni Channel in the New Era – Krste Kovaceski

You’ll finish this lesson with your passive income plan for the next 5 years.

ShineOn Skill Stack with Krste Kovaceski

Made famous by his Dirty 30 Testing Method which has quickly become a fan favourite among the ShineOn Community and Beyond. He’s known for pushing boundaries and setting trends. His course exposes all of his his unorthodox ‘Dirty’ and innovative strategies:

  • Winning Mindset and Psychology 
  • Finding & Creating Winning Products
  • Facebook Fundamentals
  • Analytics & Analysis
  • Advanced Business Fundamentals
  • Advanced Facebook Strategy Stack (over 20+)

Many Skill Stack graduates were able to take the learnings and achieve $100K+ Sales. Krste’s philosopy for Skill Stack was to provide as many golden nuggets as possible while holding back. Unlike many ‘gurus’, he’s practicing exactly what’s being taught in the the Skill Stack today. It’s no surprise he’s ShineOn’s most consistant and all time #1 Top seller with 8M+ Revenue selling ONLY ShineOn Products.

ShineOn 100K with Michael Crist

Michael shares with you his dirt simple processes methodology responisble for multiple 7-Figures in revenue. Learn the ropes, in bite sized peices in easy to digest content:

  • Getting Your Foundations Right
  • Dirt Simple Process – Research
  • Dirt Simple Process – Design
  • Dirt Simple Process – Testing
  • Dirt Simple Process – Analysis
  • Dirt Simple Process – Scaling

Not sold yet? These proccesses he teaches step-by-step allowed him to to go from $0 to $578,359 in just 16 days by selling print-on-demand products online.


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